best swimming pool algaecide

Best Pool Algaecide

If you own a pool, you have probably had to deal with green pool water at least once. And while you may have managed to clean your pool successfully, chances are you had to use an algaecide and shock your pool once or twice before you were able to clean it thoroughly. And you have

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best pool shock

Best Pool Shock

Keeping your swimming pool safe and clean is essential. Sanitizing it helps kill all pathogens like bacteria and viruses that can cause infections. Always ensure your pool is sparkling clean. But in case the chlorine fails and won’t function well, shocking becomes necessary to boost it. In a normal situation, shocking your pool once a

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does my pool need a pool skimmer

Does a Pool Need a Skimmer?

The last thing I ever want to do is handling yard and swimming pool maintenance. So the best solution would be to minimize the amount of time I have to spend doing the maintenance job, especially during the hot summer month. No one wants to be sweaty cleaning their pool instead of taking a dip

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best pool skimmer

Best Pool Skimmer

Summer season equals pool cleaning, and this can be a significant chore, especially when you live in an area where there are a lot of trees. This means that your pool will always have some leaves in it that need to be fished out. While you may go the cheaper route of using a pool

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best swimming pool pole

Best Telescopic Pool Pole in 2022

Come summertime, all pools are now in full use, but with the season comes a constant need to clean the pool. Due to the increased shedding of leaves by trees in preparation for fall. As well as the increased amount of dirt in the air. This, in turn, requires you to consistently clean your pol

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pool test kits

Best Salt Water Pool Test Kit in 2022

Saltwater pools are the ultimate pool for swimming, as well as summer cooling down. The chlorinated pools tend to dry out your skin, which is never a pleasant thing. Saltwater pools, on the other hand, are gentler on your skin, eyes, and hair. They also do not fade your clothes. Not to forget the therapeutic

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best pool lights

Best LED Pool Lights

The aesthetic look of a lit pool at night can make you want to camp by your poolside all summer long and all other warm days all your round. They also make it easy for you to swim at night if you wish to cool down or want to swim for exercise, or are just

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