Best Pool Algaecide

If you own a pool, you have probably had to deal with green pool water at least once. And while you may have managed to clean your pool successfully, chances are you had to use an algaecide and shock your pool once or twice before you were able to clean it thoroughly. And you have to admit the thought of having a pool cleaning service provider on retainer did cross your mind.

But if you get the right products for pool cleaning and shocking, the nightmare of pool cleaning and maintenance will be an issue of the past. And the first step to eliminating algae is using a good quality algaecide. Here are the best pool algaecides in the market.

Top 5 Pool Algaecides of 2021

hth Pool Algaecide Super Algae Guard 60 (67064)4-In-1 formula kills and controls green, Black, and yellow algae growth, is non-foaming, and 60% strength Check Price on Amazon
Kem-Tek KTK-50-0006 Pool and Spa 60-Percent Concentrated AlgaecideLong lasting algaecide
Non- foaming algaecide 60%
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In The Swim Super Pool AlgaecideSafe enough to swim directly after use
Contains 7.1% Chelated Copper, non-foaming
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Clorox Pool & Spa Green Algae Eliminator2Non-foaming formula
Effective kill and preventative treatment
Suitable for all pools
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Pool RX 101066 6 Month AlgaecideEliminates all types of Algae
Reduces Chemicals
Effective for up to 6 months
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hth Pool Algaecide Super Algae Guard 60 (67064)

hth Pool Algaecide Super Algae Guard 60 (67064)

This algaecide is a 4-In-1 formula that kills and controls green, black, and yellow algae growth. It is non-foaming, and it works reasonably fast. It has a 60% strength, and it comes in a one-quart container that is enough to use in your pool several times, depending on the size of your pool.

The four-step pool care system will ensure you have a crystal clear pool all year round. It is designed to make pool cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

It can balance your pool pH level, sanitize the pool, prevent algae growth, and shock the pool.

It is ideal simple issues like cloudy water or pH fluctuation to more technical problems like metals in your water and cleaning filters. Its formula ensures it works fast and effectively to tackle the most common pool problems.


  • 4-In-1 formula
  • Non-foaming
  • 60% strength


  • Works fast
  • Prevents and kills green, black, and yellow algae
  • It also sanitizes and shocks the pool.


  • It makes the pool milky for at least 24 hours.
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Kem-Tek KTK-50-0006 Pool and Spa 60-Percent Concentrated Algaecide

Kem-Tek KTK-50-0006 Pool and Spa 60-Percent Concentrated Algaecide

The Kem-Tek 60 percent pool algaecide is safe to use with all pool and filter types. It helps to helps clarify pool water as well as treat and prevent future algae growth. This long-lasting algaecide is also non-forming and is relatively easy to use.

It can be bought as part of the Chem Lab easy 5 Step 5 Color DIY pool maintenance program. The manufacturer also has a live 24/7 customer service support line that you can call should you need help using the product. They also have an interactive online water testing app you can use to interpret your pool water readings after you test your pool water.


  • Safe with all pool types
  • Non- foaming
  • 60% Concentrate


  • Safe for all filter types
  • Clarifies pool water
  • Long-lasting
  • Prevents future algae growth


  • It contains volatile compounds, so steer clear from swimming for at least 48 hours
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In The Swim Super Pool Algaecide

In The Swim Super Pool Algaecide

This algaecide provides superior algae-fighting power with long-lasting effects. Its chemical formula makes it safe enough to swim in the pool immediately after use. It contains a Chelated Copper, which does not stain.

It is also a non-foaming formula, and it does not have an odor, unlike other algaecides. The dilution ration allows you to use it for an extended period. It is fast-acting, and it can be used on both in-ground and above ground pools. It has been formulated to be fast-acting without making your pool uninhabitable.

It also provides prolonged protection from future algae growth.


  • 1% chelated copper
  • Non-foaming formula
  • Application: in or above ground pools
  • Treatment dosage: 4 oz. Per 10,000 gallons.


  • Long-lasting effects
  • Safe enough to swim directly after use
  • No odor
  • Fast-acting
  • Sanitizing


  • You need a lot of product to kill algae
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Clorox Pool & Spa Green Algae Eliminator2

Clorox Pool & Spa Green Algae Eliminator2

The Clorox non-foaming formula algaecide is ideal for the effective killing of green algae and preventing future regrowth. It is suitable for freshwater as well as saltwater pools. The algaecide is fast-acting, and you can use your pool within a few hours after using the product.

You can also use it weekly for pool maintenance. The manufacturer has a pool water testing app you can use to interpret your pool water reading results.


  • Non-foaming formula
  • Fast-Acting
  • Salt Pool Compatible
  • Clorox pool app


  • Suitable for all pools
  • Treats green algae fast
  • Prevents algae regrowth


  • It contains copper, which gives hair a green tint
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Pool RX 101066 6 Month Algaecide

Pool RX 101066 6 Month Algaecide

Pool Rx eliminates existing algae fast and prevents algae from coming back. It eliminates all types of algae while using fewer chemicals than other algaecides. It is made from chelated minerals, which prevents hair staining. This algaecide also reduced the need to use a ton of chlorine, allowing you to have clearer pool water.

It can also be used in chlorine, salt water, and UV or ozone swimming pools. It is also suitable for above ground and in-ground swimming pools. Lastly, it can effectively prevent algae regrowth for six months without needing a refill.


  • Effective for up to 6 months
  • Uses chelated minerals
  • Suitable for chlorine, salt, and UV pools


  • Eliminates all types of Algae
  • Simplifies Pool Care
  • No hair staining


  • It leeches into the pool and turns the pool water green
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Types of pool algae

Green algae

This is the most common algae found in swimming pools. It grows on the walls of the pool as well. The algae float on top of the pool water is green in color, making the pool water look green.

Depending on how long the algae has been growing, you may require water filtration and an algaecide. Fortunately, this is the easiest algae to remove; any algaecide will do the job.

These algae tend to spread like wildfire, so it is imperative to take action and treat your swimming pool as soon as you see blooms of the algae in your pool.

Black Algae

As the name suggests, this type of algae tends to have a blackish hue. It is a dark green-blue shade but tends to appear black. It is a cyanobacterium that thrives in water. This form of algae is very resilient and hard to get rid of- Its cells are resistant to low chlorine concentrations and low concentrate algaecides.

You may need to use a top grade algaecide to be able to conquer these algae. And once you get the job done, you still have to use an algaecide weekly to ensure fresh blooms are destroyed before they spread.

It typically appears like specks of dirt on the pool floor and then spreads to the entire pool floor. If left untreated, it may embed itself within the poo floor, making it nearly impossible to eliminate.

Mustard Algae

This is a form of green algae that is resistant to chlorine. It usually has a brown, mustard, or yellow appearance. It is slimy to the touch and has a pollen or sand appearance. It tends to like areas of the pool with a shade such as the pool stair, ladders, and lights.

While it grows much slower than green algae, it is much more challenging to eliminate than green algae. You need to shock the pool to get rid of this type of algae.

Things to consider when choosing your pool algaecide

Type of algae

Green algae can be treated using a low concentrate algaecide, but if you have black algae, then you have to go for the best algaecide money can buy. Additionally, the algae forms react to different compounds in the algaecide differently. Not to forget, you need a nuclear level algaecide to break down the walls of black algae cells.

Type of pool water

Some algaecides are not compatible with salt swimming pools or UV swimming pools. This factor is critical when choosing an algaecide for your pool.


Algaecides rich in copper tend to lea to hair staining. So if you do not want to be walking around with green colored hair, then you might want to consider a copper-free algaecide. Alternatively, you can buy one using chelated minerals as this is not going to stain your hair.

Pool usage

Some algaecides are fast-acting, and you can use the pool in a few minutes after adding the algaecide. However, some algaecides require a 24-48-hour window within which you cannot use your pool. If you wish to swim almost immediately after you douse your pool with an algaecide, you should go for a fast-acting formula.

Algae prevention

The best algaecide is one that will not only eliminate the algae in your pool, but it also prevents future regrowth of algae in your pool. And most algaecides have a protection period ranging from a few days to a couple of months. Look for an algaecide that can protect your swimming pool for a few months at a time.

What Types Of Pool Algaecide Can You Buy?

Here are the different types of algaecides you can buy to clean your pool.

Quat Pool Algaecides

Short for quaternary ammonium compounds, this algaecide sis like a detergent that can kill most algae types. It attaches itself to the algae’s cell walls and breaks them down, making it the ideal choice for eliminating black algae.

The algaecide is readily available and tends to cost less than other types. It tends to foam, so be wary of the amount you use to clean your pool. On the plus side, it does not stain.

Polymer/Polyquat Pool Algaecides

This is an upgraded version of the first algaecide that does not foam making it’s the better version. It works like the quat algaecide to eliminate algae bloom. It also tends to last longer for prolonged protection of your pool from algae growth in the future.

It is slightly expensive and can be found in concentrations ranging from 30%b to 60%.

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Metallic Pool Algaecides

These algaecides use charged metal ions such as copper to attack the algae’s cell wall and kill its nucleus. They tend to cause staining, so be wary of them mostly if you have colored hair or do not wish to handle pool stains. For efficient elimination of black algae, go for a silver algaecide.

Sodium Bromide

While this is not technically an algaecide, it has algae growth-inhibiting capabilities. It forms a chemical reaction when it comes into contact with chlorine to create hypobromous acid, killing algae and preventing its growth.

Signs that it is time to add algaecide to a pool

You should use an algaecide in your pool the very minute you spot signs of algae bloom as they tend to flourish and spread alarmingly fast. If the infection is minimal weekly maintenance should be able to get the problem under control.

On the other hand, if you have full-blown algae infestation, then you may need to drain the pool and filter the water, shock the swimming pool and add an algaecide once you refill it. Preventive measures, in this case, are the best way to tackle algae growth. This will help keep it at bay, making it a weekly habit to prevent significant algae growth. If your pool has a high chlorine concentration, you may not need as much algaecide as it will also help combat algae’s growth.

How much algaecide should you use in your pool?

This depends on the concentration of the algaecide and the volume of water in your swimming pool. For instance, if you are using a 60% concentrate, the typical volume is four ounces per 10,000 gallons. This figure also varies from one manufacturer’s recommendation to another.

Bear in mind that different algaecides have different ingredients and other chemical compositions for the best results and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You also need to consider the type of algae you are dealing with and how severe the pool contamination is.

Additionally, suppose you do it weekly for preventive purposes. In that case, you need to use a lower amount compared to trying to eliminate budding algae in your swimming pool.

How long after algaecide can you shock?

Typically, most people shock their pools then add an algaecide to the water. Wait at least 24 hours after shocking your pool before you add algaecide.

Is Algaecide Good for pools?

Yes. It prevents the growth of algae in the pool, leading to skin infections and more severe infections that can be harmful to your health.

What happens if you put too much algaecide in your pool?

Too much algaecide in the pool will cause it to foam. It can also lead to skin irritation if you have sensitive skin. To remedy the mistake, you can drain some of the pool water and add fresh water. But this may require you to rebalance its pH and have to repeat the shocking process. The easiest solution is to wait for the excess algaecide to dissipate through evaporation.

Will algaecide clear a green pool?

Yes. If the cause of the green pol water is algae. There are other reasons why pool water turns green such as pollen and high metal compound concentration in the water. The algaecide can only clear the green color if green algae have caused it.


The best pool algaecide should be fast-acting, easy to use, prevent the growth of algae in the future, and not change the swimming pool’s pH. It should also not stain the pool or your hair while you swim.