Best LED Pool Lights

The aesthetic look of a lit pool at night can make you want to camp by your poolside all summer long and all other warm days all your round. They also make it easy for you to swim at night if you wish to cool down or want to swim for exercise, or are just looking to spend time in your pool.

LED pool lights are like the fairy lights for your pool; they light up the pool and give it a feel of panaches that is otherwise not replicable. It gets better when you decide to get lights with multiple color options. This gives you the leeway to change the color on a night to night basis depending on your mood. Here are the best-LED pool lights.

Top 5 LED Pool Lights

P&LED Color Changing Replacement Swimming Pool Lights120V,35WRGB- Flip switch on and off to change colors
- Remote controls to change colors
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Intex LED Pool Wall Light110-120VWhite_ Check Price
Pentair 78458100 Amerlite Underwater Incandescent Pool Light120-VoltWhite_ Check Price
Bolaxin Color Changing Swimming Pool Lights LED Bulb12V 35W AC/DCRGB, 15 color optionsRemote controller to change light Check Price
S.R.Smith FLED-TM-C-30 TREO Micro LED Pool Light12Vwhite, blue, green, red, amber, magenta, slow and fast showsPropreitary Check Price

P&LED Color Changing Replacement Swimming Pool Lights

The Pentair LED pool light retrofit features a 120 voltage light that measures 6.69 inches in diameter and 5.9 inches in height. It has a smart memory function as well as an inbuilt safety function. It detects high temperatures and automatically powers down.

The pool light bulb can lit up 25000-gallon pools, it also consumes minimal electricity, and you can change the light mode by flipping the on/off power button.


  • 120 voltage light
  • 25000-gallon pool maximum lighting capacity
  • Base: E27 or E26
  • Body material: plastic
  • Power:120v,35w


  • Remote controlled
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Two-year warranty


  • The included remote is wonky
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Intex LED Pool Wall Light

This magnetic in-pool LED above ground pool light features a built-in flotation in case the light becomes separated from the magnet. They consume very little electricity while remaining extra bright. They also have longer-lasting illumination. The light can illuminate pools up to 24 feet long.

The light uses magnetic technology that safely generates low voltage current through the pool’s sidewall to a powerful LED light inside the pool. It is designed with a unique lens shape for maximum, long-lasting illumination in water. The magnetic attachment allows you to place the light anywhere on the pool wall. Allowing you to enjoy in-ground pool style lighting without any installation.


  • Can be used in-pool
  • 24ft maximum illumination length
  • 110-120v
  • Low electricity level
  • Magnetic technology


  • Wall mountable
  • Built-in flotation
  • Extra bright
  • Longer lasting illumination


  • They do not turn off immediately
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Pentair 78458100 Amerlite Underwater Incandescent Pool Light

The Pentair swimming pool light features a stainless steel face ring with a uni-tension clamp. They exude superior light diffusion and have Gold diffused low water cutoff. They also feature 500 watts, 120-volt prismatic tempered lens.

The light has a 50-feet cord length, and it measures 12-inch length by 11-inch height by 12-inch width. It has a durable stainless-steel shell that enables it to be submersible. The light can be installed in full-sized Pentair, American, PacFab, and Purex niches. The lens covers are available in blue, red, green, and amber.


  • Stainless steel face ring
  • Uni-tension clamp
  • Stainless-steel shell
  • Prismatic tempered lens
  • 50-feet cord length
  • Lens covers available in blue, red, green and amber
  • Plastic snap-on face rings available for stainless-steel light


  • Compatible with full-sized Pentair, American, Pac fab and Purex
  • Superior light diffusion
  • Gold diffused low water cutoff


  • Not a universal fit
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Bolaxin Color Changing Swimming Pool Lights LED Bulb

This color-changing bright LED pool light uses 12 voltage electricity and a 35 Watt pool led bulb with a lifespan of +65,000 hours. It comes programmed with 15 settings, including six solid colors and nine beautiful and unique color “shows.”

The light is perfect for medium-sized swimming pools and is compatible with most Pentair Hayward Light fixtures. You can remotely change the colors as well as using an on/off switch. The light can light up a 25000-gallon pool while conserving energy in the process.

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It comes with a premium 20 months Service from the Manufacturer Antozon. The light has an aluminum sheet reflector to eliminate hot spots.

And its superior lens geometry provides a full range of lighting effects. Its light beam distribution produces more uniform illumination for exceptional light intensity.


  • 12 voltage
  • Aluminum sheet customization reflector
  • Superior lens geometry
  • Light beam distribution
  • On/off color-changing switch
  • LED color changing light.
  • RF remote control


  • High quality led lamp
  • Uniform illumination
  • Remote controlled
  • Able to light up 25000-gallon pool
  • Easy to use instruction manual


  • No control option for the different colors
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S.R.Smith FLED-TM-C-30 TREO Micro LED Pool Light

The S.R.S decoration lights for the pool uses 2 Watt, long-life LED fully submersible accent lights. The lights feature six bold colors; white, blue, green, red, amber, and magenta. The light has two color shows options slow and fast.

They are designed for use with a 0.75″ diameter conduit, and the kit comes with a fitting wall adapter. They are compatible with PoolLUX 12 VAC Transformers or premier custom color and dimmable control. They can be used on their own or with the PoolLUX transformer kits. They come with a 3-Year warranty.

The lights can be used for steps, shelves, and water features in granite, vinyl liner, and fiberglass pools. They have a fully integrated housing and lamp design that fits a standard 1.5″ wall fitting.


  • 2 watt
  • Six bold colors
  • Two-color shows
  • Designed for use with 0.75″ diameter conduit
  • 49 color variations
  • Tree microlight design


  • Long-life LED
  • Submersible
  • Includes wall fitting adapter
  • Advanced color functionality
  • High performance
  • Low power consumption


  • Very dim light output
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The best-LED pool lights should be able to illuminate the pool as well as the surrounding area. They should also be energy efficient and compatible with your electrical wiring. If you do not have the installation necessary to install the lights, hire an expert to do the job if you do not have previous experience handling a similar project. Anyone of the LED pool lights reviewed above should be an excellent fit for your pool.