Drain Yard With Clay Soil

Best Grass for Muddy Areas

Grass can help cover up as well as remedy muddy patches. However, too much water is poisonous to the grass. Not only will it kill it but also prevent it from staying healthy.  While living in a muddy area, finding ways to improve the soil drainage before planting would be helpful.  Another tip that might

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Cactus From Your Yard

How to Remove Cactus From Your Yard

Cacti are classified as succulent plants because of their water-storing stem.  Which enables them to survive in dry, hot regions. While some people grow cactus gardens intentionally, not everyone enjoys these prickly characters. They are known to overtake an area and become hard to control. Part of the problem is that the root system survives

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Gas Lines in Your Yard

How to Find Gas Lines in Your Yard

Begin by requesting temporary markings. The markings are in biodegradable paint.  The red color is used for electric lines. Yellow for gas lines. While the orange is for cable TV lines. Bluewater lines and green sewage lines. Do this at least 2 working days before digging. This is how you avoid popping the gas line.

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Seal Yard Waste Bags

How to Seal Yard Waste Bags

What belongs in the yard waste bags? Grass clippings, grass weeds, and any other leafy yard waste. That is worth recycling. Perhaps you have leaves fallen over the lawn. With new grass growing at the same time. Use a leaf blower instead of a rake. To avoid uprooting the grass. In this case, you also

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