How to Keep Neighbor’s Ducks Out of My Yard

The ducks are a very attractive type of bird that is sometimes known to be very entertaining. Especially when they repeatedly quack in a high-pitched tone while bobbing their heads up and down. Oftentimes, people opt for a pet because of their intelligence. Such that they can socialize with one another, learn tricks, play with toys or even cuddle if they are taught how to.

Did you know that in China the duck was known to symbolize love? Furthermore, it was an ordinary gift on valentine’s day. This is because of the duck’s monogamous way, however season, they stick with the same partner. They are an emblem of love and affection. Would you accept one as a valentine’s gift?

Maybe that is why you cannot just have one duck. It will always require the company of another duck. They get each other in a way.

If they happen to keep coming into the yard it could mean clarity, family, love, vigilance, nurturing, grace and strength.

If not then it could be that there is a lake or river nearby. Or the presence of a natural swimming pool in the yard. In general, ducks like to paddle their feet in the water, hence being naturally drawn to areas with water bodies.

Although ducks are adorable, they poop a lot. You are required to constantly clean after them. Which can be quite frustrating if they are not yours.  One of the easiest ways of discouraging them is by repelling them using shiny objects. Hang mirrors, old CDs, metallic streamers, or metal windchimes. When the metal wind chimes blow in the wind the ducks will feel apprehensive. 

If you choose mirrors or metallic streamers, you can use old broken pieces in a decorative way placed strategically in your yard. the ducks, seeing their reflection will confuse them into thinking they are overpopulated. To them, this would mean, there is a shortage of food and migration elsewhere.

Their diet includes eating greens therefore you should always keep them away from your garden. Either with the items mentioned above or use a duck repellent. Make a habit of not leaving any food outside. When you refrain from feeding them, they will stop coming back.

How else do you discourage them from coming to your yard in a friendly way? By clearing out the expanse of short grass and shrubs in your yard. Ducks love to live in such places and nests. Clearing out is making them know they are not welcomed. 

Since ducks love water, cover your water areas every time they are not in use. This way, they will go paddle elsewhere. if not, putting floating beach balls or rafts on their movement will scare them off. While compelling them to think that they are predators. Pinwheels can work too. The shinier the better.

Installing flags or scarecrows that are about 2 feet high is another way. The scarecrows should be as brightly dressed as possible with hands that can move with the wind. This will scare the ducks out of the yard.

If you don’t opt for scarecrows, displaying plastic, life-size models of animals that frighten ducks will do the job. Animals such as dogs, pigeons, or raccoons. Just make sure you move them from time to time so that the intelligent ducks don’t get accustomed to them being in the same place.

Another option would be setting up motion-sensing lights or sprinklers around the area in your yard where the ducks congregate. Even though they are known to like water, they don’t like being abruptly showered by the water or light. 

Did you know that ducks repel certain smells? Like those of essential oils, garlic, cayenne pepper, chili, and vinegar. However, don’t make a concentrated concoction because you might end up killing the birds due to their weak respiratory systems.

You will need about a quarter cup of the same measurement as the vinegar, 7 drops of peppermint oil as well as the lemon, and enough cotton balls to absorb the moisture. Mix the liquids well then leave the cotton balls to absorb. Then place them in the areas where the ducks poop a lot. Repeat this method regularly because the scent will fade gradually. Whichever ingredients you choose use that measuring ratio.

Other than using the sponge you can put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on the areas where the ducks like to linger around. Could be around the fence since they like chilling high up or the parts that tend to come across a lot of water.

It is a wonderful idea to get rid of the ducks’ poop because it might be harmful to you. The poop contains germs that can cause diseases. If it happens to get into your swimming pool, consult on the disinfection process required. This is because some of the germs can survive in chlorinated water. Investing in a good pool cover could be a good preventive measure as well.

Ducks being intelligent, are able to avoid toxic plants that are harmful to their health since most of them are bitter to taste. However, there are those plants that are highly toxic even in small amounts. For example, sweet peas and tobacco. Even algae found in stagnant water during high temperatures can be toxic.

Contaminated soil, water, decaying matter, and spoiled feeds can also be poisonous to ducks. Therefore, to keep them alive you should be cautious with the types of weed killers used as well as the water bodies around you. If possible, get rid of stagnant water on a regular basis and opt for natural weed killers while getting rid of spoiled feeds.

To conclude, the best thing you can do to get rid of ducks in your yard is to remove all access to areas providing water and food to the ducks. Completely cover them. Even though they are your neighbors’ ducks, choose to be a little kind to them. They could be of great help with the mowing of the yard as well as eating bugs. Moreover, the poop is good manure for the flower beds when watered. 

On the other side of the coin, suggest to your neighbor to dedicate a penned area for the ducks so that they stop visiting your yard. even when they mean well!