how to grow forget me nots in pots

How to Grow Forget Me Nots in Pots

Forget Me Nots belong to the genus Myosotis and family Boraginaceae. It has various species that come in different variations. For instance, in the flower colors, its commonly known for blue flowers, but other varieties can be white, pink, or yellow. The flowers are half an inch in diameter, with five petals growing at the

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Purple Passion Plant

Top 10 Purple Houseplants to Decorate Your Home

Do you love colors, or enjoy being around natural environments? Everything from the natural, earthy smell of soil and growing plants, to the vibrant beauty these plants bring, is appealing and relaxing. You must not have a green thumb to appreciate the beauty that these plants bring, but if you do, then this post suits

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Haworthia margaritifera

10 Low Light Succulents that Grow Well Indoors

Succulents plants have fleshy leaves and stem that make them adaptable to harsh environmental conditions like less rainfall. This characteristic that suits them as indoor plants succulents since they will not require frequent watering. They are also versatile to the warm conditions found in the home. Lowlight succulents are the best for decoration, either in

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how to grow bell peppers in a container

How to Grow Bell Peppers in Pots

Bell peppers are favorable to warmth and can be grown in the garden or containers. Some of the best varieties grown in pots are sweet bell and Jalapeno Hot. Boxes help the plant roots to get warmth during the cold season. It’s also easy to move the plant when the conditions are harsh, like strong

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best vegetables to grow on your balcony

7 Best Vegetables to Grow on Your Balcony

Almost every vegetable can be grown on the balcony if you provide all the requirements. Some of the conditions include; water, sunlight, soil, among others. Balcony garden saves you space and also watering, especially in the rainy season. The critical measures for growing crops are; choosing the right containers, the correct type of soil, watering,

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container gardening ideas

Best Vegetables for Container Gardening

Cities all over the globe are getting crowded by the day making gardening almost impossible in the encroaching concrete garden. If you are a gardener this is a sad state of affairs. Worry not, because there are alternative ways to garden. Container gardening is one option of supplementing your vegetable supply. It has slowly gained

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