Best Vegetables for Container Gardening

Cities all over the globe are getting crowded by the day making gardening almost impossible in the encroaching concrete garden. If you are a gardener this is a sad state of affairs. Worry not, because there are alternative ways to garden. Container gardening is one option of supplementing your vegetable supply. It has slowly gained prominence, especially to environmentally conscious and gardening lovers.

Before you embark on your container gardening, it’s prudent to consider the variety of vegetables you choose to plant. Here are a select few of the vegetables that would definitely do well in your container garden.


growing carrots in a container

One easy way of ensuring your constant supply of Vitamin A is by having carrots in your balcony. These vegetables require less space and add a tinge of green to your rooftop or balcony. All you need is a deep pot, given that carrots are rooted plants. You have the luxury of watering them easily and weeding them.


pepper growing in a container

We all cherish that hot taste that laces our tongue when we add pepper to our food. In the course of your shopping, it is even easy to forget to shop for it. To avert this forgetfulness, invest in a pot where you can comfortably grow your pepper. One key advantage is you get a surplus supply that you can even donate to your friends. In addition to this is the aesthetic value it brings to your house, especially the hanging ripe pepper of varying colors. Simply invest in a window box and you are all set.


growing tomatoes ina container

It’s debatable, whether a tomato is a fruit or vegetable. But that’s another story for another day. One factual thing about this plant is the value it brings to food. This Vitamin C rich plant fights off scurvy and is worth investing in. Unlike the previously mention vegetables, it has the benefit of being able to be grown even upside down. This plant would be ideal for a rooftop garden. Its nagging requirements of water and spray against diseases and pests ensure that every evening you are engaged fully in its well-being. We all need fresh tomatoes for our stew; therefore having your own fresh supply is an added advantage.


lettuce in a container

Often advised for beginner gardeners, lettuce offers a variety of color schemes which naturally decorates your outdoor space. The fact that it takes a short time to grow makes it a viable pilot project for beginners.


growing radishes in a container

If you are a fan of natural juice then this is the plant for you. Radishes are relatively small and have the benefit of quick germination. Even landscapers use it. Therefore if you want to improve your landscape look no further.


Forget the cold analogy; this plant will definitely warm you into gardening if it’s your first time. It has the distinction of being easy to grow in containers. You also have the additional benefit of a crispier and fresh taste which the refrigerated ones at the store lack.

Here is your list of vegetables you can actually plant and reap the benefits of décor and food in your balcony or rooftop.