devil's ivy

Top 10 House Plants That Grow in Water

Are you one of those who love green plants, but the idea of dirt, and constant cleaning repels you? Well, here is an opportunity to grow a few houseplants stress-free. Explore the art of growing plants in water known as hydroponics. Water plants are easy to maintain, not to mention that they are pest and

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why are my succulents dying

Why are My Succulents Dying?

Fleshy plants are hardy thus can survive in any harsh conditions. Some of the harsh conditions are like less water, less light, are risky to other plants, and can cause death. For succulents, they take time before showing any signs of dying due to their resilient nature. Some of the symptoms include yellowing of leaves,

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how much light do succulents need

How Much Light Do Succulents Need

Light is an essential requirement for plants to carry out photosynthesis. Succulents plants need light just like any other plant to grow well. But the degree of light intensity varies depending on each plant adaptability. There are fleshy plants that do well in direct sunlight, shady areas, or filtered light. We have discussed the plants

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how to make solar lights brighter

How to Make Solar Garden Lights Brighter

Going for outdoor solar lighting is a good idea. You can make use of the sun’s energy to light up your garden at night without having to worry about the electric bill, or switching the lights on and off. If you’ve noticed your solar garden lights are not as bright as they used to, there

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best solar charge controller

Best Solar Charge Controller Under 40A

When using solar power, it is crucial to get a solar charge controller to regulate the energy being released into your grid. Basically, a controller acts as a regulator that delivers electricity from the solar panel’s photovoltaic cells into your electric home grid. It is like the gatekeeper that prevents shorting due to fluctuations in

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best solar powered pond aerator

Best Solar Powered Pond Aerator in 2020

Ponds tend to get murky, which may, in turn, be harmful to the surrounding environment due to tp stratification. As such, it is critical to use a pond aerator from time to time to pump oxygen into the water. This will, in turn, increase oxygen supply in the water and consequently improve the pond’s condition.

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best decorative solar lights

Best Decorative Solar Lights in 2020

In most cases, landscaping can cost you an arm and a leg. But if you do most of the landscaping upgrades yourself, you can reduce the cost significantly. It is possible to improve your homes curb appeal at a fraction of the cost by making small changes such as planting a variety of ornamental grasses

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How to Charge Solar Lights Without Sun

How to Charge Solar Lights Without Sun

Like other solar-powered appliances, solar lights require sunlight exposure to recharge when they run out of charge. Most of these lights need between 5 and 8 hours of sunlight to charge fully. But the sun isn’t always there, is it? Like at night or on a cloudy day and winter when there is no adequate

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best batteries for solar lights

Best Batteries for Solar Lights in 2020

You might have wondered how you can charge solar lights without sunlight exposure or when the weather is not favorable for the charging to take place. Something to also consider is the neatness of outdoor lighting and whether they are an environmentally friendly way of illuminating your home. These lights have solar panels that enable

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Purple Passion Plant

Top 10 Purple Houseplants to Decorate Your Home

Do you love colors, or enjoy being around natural environments? Everything from the natural, earthy smell of soil and growing plants, to the vibrant beauty these plants bring, is appealing and relaxing. You must not have a green thumb to appreciate the beauty that these plants bring, but if you do, then this post suits

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