How to Paint a Chain Link Fence

When you need an inexpensive fence that looks pretty good. Which is also a lot cheaper than iron and most wood fences.

Go for the chain link fence.  They provide a nice openness that will enable you to see through the fence.

Before painting the chain link fences, you must leave them in the weather for some time. This will help it oxidize.

Another option for speeding up the process is by painting vinegar over it. The acidic vinegar will get rid of the oils.

Hence help oxidize the fence, which will help keep the paint for much longer. Since it reacts with the galvanizing on the metal, creating a coating that the paint will stick to. 

Get coarse sandpaper if the chain link is rusty to roughen it up. It will dull the fence, so the paint has something to hold on to. A paper towel will also come in handy to wipe up any dust from sanding.

A galvanized fence failing has never been primed. Especially if its top is coated with an alkyd. Galvanized metal and alkyds don’t go together.

Although the galvanized links and posts are rust resistant, they can still deteriorate to the point where you need to refinish the fence.

There is a process called saponification. A chemical reaction occurs a few years down the line that repels the coating. Hence it starts to peel off.

All the oxidized material must be cleaned off when addressing this issue. Use water, scrub, and wire brush. The best time to do this is on a breezy day to ensure that the fence dries before any oxidation can occur.

If the paint is applied with the original coating, it might not bond properly with the primer. Thus get peeled off much faster. Therefore, avoid coating the potions of the fence that still have the original galvanized coating.

For future purposes, ensure you are not coating with an alkyd-based primer. As well as no rust inhibitors. Not unless it is in the paint. For example, rust inhibits aluminum flake paint. 

The small flakes of aluminum in the paint overlap each other. Creating a water-tight bond on the metal.

Just straight up galvanized 100% acrylic primer. Then you can put up anything you want on it. However, the residue beforehand always has to be cleaned up. 

Chain link fences offer advantages over wood fences. Thanks to their longevity, flexibility, and durability.

 But painting them may not be a challenge considering the links themselves and the potential mess that is likely to be made.

Without repainting, the metal will start to rust. Which eventually causes more issues. When choosing the paint, find one that is weather and pet-resistant.

Although they might seem counterintuitive at first, you will need a paint roller and drop cloths that you can put on either side of the fence to protect the grass.

Put the roller in the paint, then roll it on the tray to remove any excess before starting to paint.

Using a deeper roller will get the paint into all gaps. As well as cover the surface quite well.

Remember to roll in even motions. In addition to going fast enough to apply the paint while minimizing any splatter. Use a paintbrush to touch any small areas that might have been missed.

While it might be tempting to use a sprayer, it might not be a good option for a chain link fence because it may cause lots of sprays which leads to wastage.

The paint color is all a matter of personal preference, even though most chain links start as a silver color.

Green causes the fence to blend in with the landscape. While black serves as a neutral color. That blends in with any landscape.

Cleaning and repainting your old rusted chain link fence. It is a great way to make it look better. 

You can add a rustic look by clamps on the vertical fence posts. Then placing vertical boards on the posts.

In addition, you can opt to make it bold and graphic. By adding cups, people colored cups. To create a pattern.

Or cover it with pretty flowering vines. Speed up the process of covering by choosing a fast-growing vine like jasmine.

There is also the option of using Awnings to cover them. Or attaching trellises to it. If not, then bamboo panels will do the job.

No matter what paint colors you choose, make sure you prepare them well. This way, you can make them last longer. While beautifying your surroundings.

In case you haven’t painted the fence since 1978, avoid wire brushing. The reason being the fence might have lead paint on it. Hire a professional painter instead.

To sum this up, ensure you use Rustoleum paint. If not, consider using some other type of rust-resistant paint intended for metal.