When to replace chainsaw bar

While most chainsaw manuals may give you instructions as to how to maintain your chainsaw, most of them do not necessarily apply to your case. If you only use your chain every few months, then a time based replacement schedule may be totally irrelevant to your case.

So how do you know when to replace a chainsaw bar?

The type of work you use your chainsaw for and the level of usage actually dictate how often you should replace the chainsaw bar. But for you to change your chainsaw bar, you need to know when it’s lifespan has run its course.

How Do I Know If My Chainsaw Bar Is Worn-out?

  1. The chainsaw bar has started bending; – hold the bar at eye level and check if it has any sweeps or bends. You can try to fix it first before you change it. But it is better to replace it as it may crack in the process of fixing.
  2. If the chainsaw bar is cracked; – inspect it closely to check for a crack in the bar
  3. The chainsaw chain moves from side to side when you are using it; – if the chain moves sideways when in use then chances are the bar is worn-out. It should move slightly not violently.

Why Flip Chainsaw Bar

Flipping the chainsaw bar helps to extend its lifespan as it will wear down evenly on both sides. This will prevent it from bending on one side and looking totally new on the other side.

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Follow the manufacturer’s manual when replacing the chainsaw bar. Make sure the chine has been turned off and is completely cool before you start the process. Wear protective gloves as you would when you are using the chainsaw to avoid injuring yourself. And if you are not sure you cannot replace it correctly, hire a professional to switch the chainsaw bar for you.