What is the Best Chainsaw Under $400 in 2021?

The invention of chainsaws is one of the key cornerstones of the modern-day timber industry revolution. While axes are still quite popular, nothing beats the convenience of having a chainsaw at hand when you need to fell a tree.

Having a chainsaw in your tool collection enables you to chop wood during winter in a jiffy. And that if for no other reason is worth it. A chain saw is essential especially if you live in your own compound that has trees that may need trimming from time to time. With the influx tool manufacturers, it would be difficult to pick the best chain saw under $400.

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Top 5 Chain Saws under 400 Bucks in 2021

NamePowerBlade SizePrice
Husqvarna 18 Inch 450e II Gas Chainsaw2 Cycle 50.2cc gas engine18 inch Check Price
DEWALT DCCS620B 20V MAX XR24V electric motor (battery sold differently)12 inch Check Price
Husqvarna 460 Rancher60.3cc 3.2Hp gas engine24 inch Check Price
Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S46cc 2-cycle gas engine20 inch Check Price
WORX WG304.1Corded power supply to 15 Amp motor18 inch Check Price

Husqvarna 18 Inch 450e II Gas Chainsaw

husqvarna 18 inch 450e II gas chainsaw

Being a domestic name in the tool industry, this gasoline chainsaw enjoys immense popularity amongst at home tool owners and with good reason. The chain saw comes with a new improved chainsaw bar design that offers professional-grade performance at an affordable price.

It also has a powerful 50.2 cc engine that equips the chainsaw with the needed horsepower to handle any job no matter how tough – as long as the chain is well set. Additionally, its inertia activated chain brake ensures that is can brake automatically in case of an accident. An automatic chain oiler also delivers oil to the chain and bar. There is also a chain tensioning system that allows you to tighten the chain if need be.


  • The X-Torq engine
  • Auto return stop switch,
  • Visible fuel level
  • Smart Start


  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Reduced emissions


  • Oils start leaking after a while
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dewalt DCCS620B 20v max xr compact 12 inch saw

This battery-operated chainsaw has a low kickback 12-inch bar and chain that is perfect for construction and outdoor cutting jobs. It also has a highly efficient brushless motor that maximizes operation time and motor life as well as its chain gauge 0.043 and speed of 25.2 feet per second.

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Its bar tightening knob allows you to regulate the correct tension for each job. It also has a compact and easy to lug design.


  • Cordless chainsaw
  • Speed 25.2 feet per second
  • 43 chain gauge


  • Can slice through numerous tree limbs continuously
  • Makes working easier


  • Some spare parts are made using cheap plastic and will break after a couple of uses
  • Motor pulses when overwhelmed making it difficult to work with
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Husqvarna 460 Rancher 24″

husqvarna 460 rancher 24 inch 3.2 hp gas chainsaw

With its 24-inch bar, this Husqvarna chainsaw takes the cake for being the best chain saw under $400. It is made to fell huge trees with unmatched precision due to its distinct felling marks. It also has an X-Torq engine that enables it to consume less fuel and lower emission levels.

It also has easy start-up technology to make using it a breeze because of its air purge that removes air from the carburetor and fuel system and the auto-return stop switch. It also has an inertia activated chain brake that prevents the probability of accidents happening due to kickback.


  • 375 inch pixel pitch chain
  • X-Torq engine
  • .050 inch gauge.
  • Transparent fuel indicator


  • Easy to start up
  • Lower fuel consumption


  • Can be too powerful for smaller jobs
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Craftsman CMXGSAMY426S (Best on Budget)

craftman cmxgsamy426S 20 inch gas powered saw

A 46 cc high output engine that has a 2 cycle full crank feature with pro-grade chassis makes this a chain saw to consider. It is able to deliver steady power that can withstand even the most difficult tree felling tasks. It has a cushioned full wrap aluminum handle, an anti-vibration system that enables it to be quitter than other chainsaws, and an ergonomic design for easy use.


  • 5-point anti-vibration system
  • Inertia-activated chain brake
  • Pro-grade chassis


  • Extremely powerful engine
  • Can cut through large diameter tree trunks at ease


  • Chainsaw tension needs frequent adjustment
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WORX WG304.1

worx wg304.1 chain saw 18 inch electric saw

Wors chainsaw has a patented auto-tension chain system that prevents over-tightening. It also has a built-in chain brake for safety precaution purposes. Its 15 amp motor delivers the punch needed to handle tougher tasks. The electric motor is more silent than a gasoline one but you will still need ear muffs to stay protected.

It also comes with automatic oil lubrication to keep your chain properly lubricated at all times. Additionally, its built-in oil reservoir with window level indicator is a life saver.


  • 18-inch bar
  • Patented auto-tension system
  • Auto-lubrication with oil level indication
  • 15 amp motor


  • Auto lubrication makes it almost maintenance-free
  • Inbuilt safety mechanism


  • The build isn’t so solid
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What Is the Best Chainsaw Under $400?

The best chainsaw under the 400-dollar mark is one that is able to deliver on these fronts;

  1. Low fuel or energy consumption
  2. Minimal maintenance required
  3. Ability to handle both large and small jobs with ease

Bottom Line

The bottom line is to make sure that you get value for your money. The best chain saw under $400 should be able to handle exactly what you need it to do. Do not settle for a chainsaw that cannot deliver on all fronts. Get one that is easy to use for both small and big projects.