winterize a screened in porch

How to Winterize a Screened In Porch

While winterizing your house during the fall, it is best to consider doing the same for the porch. Winter proofing your screened porch utilizes the space during the cold season. It provides more play space for kids and pets and helps some of your plants survive the winter. All you need is a helping hand,

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How to Winterize Sprinkler Systems

How to Winterize Sprinkler Systems?

To keep your irrigation system running, you need to winterize the sprinkler system. The process can be hectic if it’s your first time. You may require some professional consultation to know your system parts were located and how to drain the winter’s sprinkler system. The process involves three main techniques that are blow-out, manual, and

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how to prepare your daylilies for winter

How to Winterize Daylilies

Daylilies are perennial plants. They are hardy plants but still require extra care, especially during winter. Some of the care practices include mulching, covering them, and more to overcome extreme temperatures, preparing lilies for winter. After the dormancy period, these plants will later flourish in spring. What to Do with Lilies Over Winter Will daylilies

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