will roundup kill trees

Will Roundup Kill Trees?

Most farmers continue to face the challenge of controlling weeds and pests from attacking their crops. To overcome this problem, the invention of chemical pesticides has played a major role in reducing these pests’ effects on plants. Roundup, whose generic name is glyphosate, is one of the most effective ways to control and kill weeds.

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Best weed barrier

Best weed barrier in 2022

Weeds are a significant source of headache, whether you are a farmer or you simply need to keep your yard and driveway weed-free. While spraying weed killer can prevent some types of weeds at bay. Most often than not, you have to use a variety of weed killer over months every few weeks to see

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when to apply dimension pre-emergent

When to apply dimension pre-emergent

Pre-emergent herbicides, also known as crabgrass preventers, are effective at preventing undesirable weed from growing in your lawn. They don’t stop the weed seed from germinating but helps control it so that it does not sprout.  They do so by inhibiting a key enzyme. A good example is Dimension pre-emergent. The active ingredient in Dimension

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