how to get rid of star of bethlehem

How To Get Rid Of Star Of Bethlehem Plant

The Star of Bethlehem is a beautiful plant that usually has white flowers, but it can also have pink, yellow, orange, or purple flowers. It often grows in clumps, and it tends to propagate at a faster rate than other flowering plants. It can also become overbearing and out feature all different types of flowers

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growing hibiscus in a pot

How to Take Care of a Potted Hibiscus

Hibiscus plants are tropical shrubs mostly kept for their beautiful large flowers. Hibiscus requires plenty of sun and water, and the soil needs to be rich in organic matter. Since they thrive in the warm climate, they require great care to do well outside the tropics. Most people outside the tropics grow hibiscus in pots

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how to care for coral cactus

How to Care for a Coral Cactus

If you are a plant lover, then you probably have a few succulents in your home for decorative purposes. But none of them can compare to a coral succulent. While the coral cactus is usually ignored as a house plant, it is a good house plant option on account of its unique look. If you

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