How to Separate Merged Front Yards

There is an old saying that says, good fences make for great neighbors. Fencing covers a multitude of purposes for a homeowner. It provides privacy, and security, and marks the borders of your home while creating different types of aesthetics at the same time. You get to maximize your property line.

Moreover, when the fencing is used in conjunction with landscaping materials, you can form a beautiful setting or define an area in your yard. In fact, the height may serve as a wall to enclose a trendy outdoor room. Could be an outdoor kitchen, dining area, or a spa.

When deciding on how to separate the merged front yard, keep in mind the purpose you want your perimeter landscaping to serve. Plants like perennials and ornamental grasses can define boundaries while the trees and shrubs screen views.

A picket fence between yards covered by an arch of roses signifies neighbors who enjoy similar interests while a 6-foot-tall fence shows a less congenial relationship. However, it would be a good idea to survey your area to see what type of fencing has already been used.

There is a fence option to fit almost every taste and style. All have their own benefits as well as disadvantages. The main four styles are PVC, aluminum, wood, and chain link. The main benefit of having wood as a fence is it amplifies the style of a rustic home and can easily be demolished if you are looking to move in 10-12 years. They also come in a variety of types depending on your needs.

A vinyl fence is a type of PVC fencing. It is known to be maintenance-free with different styles. it can be power washed and even soft scrub it to give it a little bit of shine. It is also strong and provides privacy and safety. This is due to locks that come with it in different sections. Your neighbor can only come in if you let them in. 

Aluminum is also good for fencing and creates a wonderful aesthetic. They come in a variety of styles however they are transparent. Therefore, it can be used to enclose a pool and if used as a fence to create boundaries with the neighbors, think about combining it with some color from nature.

Different evergreens and different vegetation would serve the purpose. You can go for something low and dense like a knockout rose. It does well in acidic soil, sand, clay, and even gravel. Then use arbor vitae as a backdrop. They can grow up to 12 feet tall, they are thick, stay green and provide you with that screening of privacy throughout the year.

For different things you are trying to shield you use different approaches. You can go for taller evergreens or lower plantings around the sewers and light fixtures. Where you want the light to get through but still disguise it. Ivy or flowering vines are good for disguising gutters and pipes. They look visually appealing while doing their job.

Chain link is the most economically commonly used fencing. It is a good way to save money while keeping animals out or in your yard. If you still want some interaction with your neighbor you can put the fence at your waist level and secure it properly. To add some privacy, you could opt for Leyland cypress.

It grows really fast and as high as up to 40 feet. Does very well even in areas with poor soil. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about draining or fertilizing. This cypress is almost indestructible and stays healthy and green all year long. To fully mature it takes only 3 years.

If not that one, the peplum with flowers also does a good job with screening. It gets to a mature height of about 4 to 8 feet tall. While spreading out at a good width as well. Tea olive is also another option. It has the advantage of producing a really good smell during spring. Matures to a height of about 25 feet and can spread to about 12 -15 feet as a screening.

Not forgetting Magnolia which gets to about 25 feet tall. With nice flowers and a soothing fragrance. Keep in mind that the trees named above can be used with the various types of fencing mentioned above or without. This is because when they grow, they get thick and high thus providing a good screening.

While choosing the type of plant to go for, begin by determining what you are looking for in the plant itself.  Check for things like the height you desire, and whether you want plants with flowers and smell. 

You also have to consider your powerlines. You don’t want a situation where the trees are messing with power lines and maybe end up causing a shortage. Take in the shape of your landscape, the texture of the leaves you would want, and the color as well.

Another way you could use chain links is when they have plastic privacy slats. They are easy to install and serve the purpose of providing privacy. To make it more visually appealing you could add some flowers to grow on it.

Or use bamboo rolls to cover the chain-link fences as a screen.

Nothing beats sitting out at your front yard on a lazy afternoon with a nice book and beer. Even when you have a merged front yard, there are ways to increase your privacy. How? At the area designated, build a few inches high of brick and stone level. Maybe up to your thighs. Then combine it with nice plantings of various heights at the front to really create that sense of privacy for that intimate space. 

You could use ornamental grasses, beautiful flowers, and ground covers. Implementing the raised garden idea would also come in handy. The arrangement of different types of flowers in varying heights and scales is what will visually add texture and interest. You will also get vibrant year-round colorful vibes with a very relaxing and serene aesthetic.

Flowers like a mixture of conifers, evergreens, and woody plants would look great with colorful herbaceous perennial and cardinal flowers. Opt for small trees such as dwarf magnolia for boundaries rather than larger trees. The latter could cause conflict with the neighbors when it comes to pruning or cause damage during a storm.

Noise is another tough thing to control when having a merged front yard. going for something more permanent like combining a wall with a wood structure might help. just build a foundation of stones or bricks about 4 inches high then put a wooden fence on top.  You can as well add a fountain in the front yard to all pleasing sounds to the mix.

Maybe you are an open-minded person who does not mind if your neighbor sees you with a pair of shorts while drinking coffee. However, you like the idea of knowing where your property ends and where your neighbors begin. You could opt for Blackstar gravel with a metal border. This is especially good if both of you grow grass. The gravel at the edge will notify them not to mow past that.

A concrete divider can do the job of separating the merged front yard as well.  just lay like two layers of concrete to be a little higher than the height of the grass.

You could also go for a stone pathway in between the yards. Or get big ornamental stones and place them at the boundary.

Try to focus on getting a fence with high-quality products from the variety that are available in the market. It should be a good investment on your side. The fence should be acceptable to all sorts of weather.

Even though you get along with your neighbors well, sometimes it is nice to have your little kingdom all to yourself. 

A stone fence would do you justice. You can build it up as high as you want. It does help with soundproofing especially if you plant some trees and flowers in front of it. You will completely have that serene relaxing environment all to yourself.

If not stones go for bricks they would serve the same purpose as stones. With both being semi-permanent.

In the end, a privacy fence will not keep the danger off your property a hundred percent. However, it will provide a deterrent layer of protection from passers-by as well as control the entry and exit in your yard.

The privacy you will get from separating a merged front yard allows you to have guests over in seclusion. The fence keeps your kids and your pets in your yard. Even the stray animals are kept from wandering into your yard and causing damage.

It serves as a boundary and a clear indication of where each neighbor is permitted to plant, mow and build.

Keeping up neighbor relations is a valuable step in building a strong neighborhood. However, having the liberty of chilling in your outdoor living space without neighbors looking in is a wonderful feeling!