Must Have Long Handled Garden Tools for the Elderly

Seniors often have problems with their joints which makes it difficult for them to do specific everyday tasks. Gardening is one of the best forms of exercise for the elderly, but it can also be a problem for them to do it safely. Seniors especially those with arthritis may be unable to stretch their limbs without excruciating pain. However, there are ways to make it easier for them to do their favorite activities safely. Purchasing log handled garden tools for the elderly is one way of making it safer for them.

ORIENTOOLS Garden Stand-up Weeder

orientoos garden standup weeder

Weeding is one of the more cumbersome jobs in gardening. For a senior with arthritis, the problem is even more significant as he may be unable to bend to pull out the weeds. Using a weeder with a long handle such as this one from ORIENTOOLS is an easy way to solve the problem. It has a long handle, so you don’t have to strain your back or joints to reach the weeds. It comes with clear instructions on how to use garden tools for disabled, so you quickly get the hang of it.


  • Clear instructions make it easy to use.
  • The long handle allows you to weed from a comfortable position.
  • Effective in clearing weed.


  • Might be slow if you have a large patch to clear.
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Earthwise TC70025 7.5-Inch 2.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator

earthwise tc70025 7.5 inch 2.5 amp corded electric tiller

Cultivating land doesn’t have to be difficult with this Earthwise tiller. It features a long handle that allows you to till soil while standing. The handle is adjustable so you can set it to whatever length that works for you. It has a 2.5 Amp motor that enables you to run it through any topography, and it will till perfectly. The tiller is quite lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about the extra strength to push it on your patch.


  • It is easy to assemble and use thanks to the clear guidelines.
  • It is strong enough to till through most soils due to the powerful motor.
  • Great for clearing and preparing land for planting.
  • Saves on time spent cultivating.


  • Best for shallow tilling
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Easi Grip Long Reach Garden Tools Set of 4

easi grip long reach garden tools set

These are a set of the most common garden tools including a cultivator, hoe, fork, and trowel. They have all been modified to have long handles making them ideal for seniors. They also have an excellent grip at the end that allows you to hold on to the tool properly without it slipping. The gardening tools for arthritis are made from stainless steel which makes them rust free, so you can use them for longer without needing to replace.

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  • A strong set of tools with a long handle and excellent grip.
  • They are stainless steel so they won’t rust in storage.
  • Comfortable length for seniors with arthritis.


  • They are a bit on the pricier side.
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Corona GT 3070 Extendable Handle Cultivator

corona gt 3070 extendable handle cultivator

This coated cultivator is going to be one of your favorite gardening tools. It comes with a long handle that is adjustable so you can elongate it up to 32 inches. The bottom is fully coated so it can withstand any conditions without rusting. It has an aluminum handle with a plastic grip for easy handling. It is the perfect narrow cultivator for anyone who loves gardening, and due to its modifications, it is great for the seniors as well.


  • Beautifully designed, lightweight, narrow cultivator.
  • It is affordable yet high quality.
  • It is made using sturdy materials hence it is durable.
  • The carbon coating helps in preventing rust.


  • It may be a bit too sturdy.
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Trenton Gifts Easy Weed Grabber

trenton gifts easy weed grabber

A lot of weeders are usually quite technical, and not everyone can make them work. If you are looking for a simpler long handle weeder, then this is one by Trenton Gifts is perfect. It is about 30 inches long with a plastic grip and a metallic body. The weeder is quite sturdy but easy enough to use since it is not technical. It comes assembled, so it makes for a great gift.


  • Lightweight, easy to use design.
  • Works perfectly on all weeds big and small.
  • Sturdy and strong enough to last long.


  • Pulling out the weeds from the grabber may be cumbersome.
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Tips and Tricks to Make Gardening Easier for seniors or People with Arthritis

Gardening for seniors in general needs to be handled with care so that they can do it safely. However, it becomes more sensitive when one has arthritis hence they may not manage to perform some of the tasks when gardening. This can be rectified by applying some caution and the following tips to make it easier:

Buy long handle tools

People with arthritis shouldn’t have to strain their joints and limb so long handle tools are a requirement. They assist the seniors in reaching the ground easily without having to strain.

Use electric tools

Tools for older adults such as tillers, cultivators, and weeders have electronic versions for seniors. This makes it even easier to do such tasks since it doesn’t require much effort from them. Remember to put power tools out of kid’s reach. You can get them toddler gardening sets if they want to take part too.

Use knee pads and garden stools

Sometimes it is inevitable to bend that is why you need knee pads and a garden stool. They reduce the strain of having to bend from a standing position. Sit on the garden stool when gardening and if you need to kneel make sure to get comfortable pads.

Switch it up

Seniors shouldn’t spend long periods doing one thing since that will only cause them pain. It is best that they switch up their routine after some minutes so that the joints do not settle hence hurt when they move.

Stay hydrated

Water helps in refreshing the body and replenishing fluids lost through sweating. Staying hydrated will improve your movement, and it will be easier to perform most gardening tasks.

Having arthritis is no reason to stop gardening. You only have to find ways of ensuring that most of the tasks are more straightforward for you to do. Invest in long-handled garden trowel and other tools, and they should help you make your favorite activity easier.







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