How to Keep Rabbits Off Your Garden with Ivory Soap

Rabbits can be a menace, eating your vegetables, or nibbling your flowers. So how do you go about keeping them off your precious flowers?

One workable solution to this problem is using ivory soap. The soap’s smell chases away rabbits.

Step 1: Get Some Ivory Soap That Still Has Its Scent

Ivory soap is readily available in most stores. But if you have some in your house, store it correctly to maintain its integrity – especially its scent, considering it’s the most important quality for wading of rabbits. Keep the ivory soap in an airtight container. Another nifty trick is to select ivory soap that isn’t infused with moisturizers or other additives that may prove toxic to your plants.

ivory soap to repel bunniesStep 2: Grate the Soap into Fine Chips

Select a grater that you would use in grating the ivory soap. It is advisable to either use the old one that you may not be using or purchase a cheaper alternative. You should pay much attention to safety considering the ever-present risk of cutting your hands. Alternatively, you can use a cheese grater.

Step 3: Capture All the Grated Chips in an Airtight Container

Grating the soap against the rough edges of the grater into small chips should be an easy and fast process. To maintain the smell of the soap, it is advisable to let the chips fall into an airtight container.

Step 4: Sprinkling them Next to Your Plants (Around the Base)

After collecting all your grated chips or flakes in the container, the next step is sprinkling them next to your plants. The flakes are evenly spread around the base of the plant. This ensures that when a rabbit comes to the plant, the ivory soap smell repulses it.

Flakes have a disadvantage of losing their scent overtime or being washed away by rainwater. To solve this you can decide to use a bigger chunk of the soap. Which presents a problem; the risk of the soap’s chemical properties affecting your plants. Therefore when using large sized soap, it is always advisable to use a base like a saucepan or any other flat object. The remaining unutilized soap can be stored in an airtight container for future use.

Rabbits can be a menace in the garden, but simply do it yourself measures like applying ivory soap next to your plants can cure this gardening headache for you. The irony is you might need them to take care of dandelions in the lawn where they are really useful.

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  • Every year I would have rabbit trouble and this year was no exception. I found where they had gotten under my garden fence, secured it, and they still got in but I couldn’t see where. I heard about ivory soap from a co worker and applied it when the beans and squash came up and so far so good, no rabbit damage. Have reapplied once and will do sa again later this week after the storm. From previous experience I have found that once the plants establish themselves (after 3 weeks or so) the rabbits leave them alone.

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