How to Keep Hands Dry in Gloves With Yard Work

Gardening is a great way to relax. However, in this great environment are some nasty bacteria and fungi. 

Which can potentially harm you. This commonly happens through cuts. To enjoy your time in the garden. You need to have gloves.

On the other hand, our hands suffer from a loss of elasticity and aging. It happens because they are exposed to photoaging. 

As well as the daily aggressions. Like using dish soap or frequently washing your hands.

The most common harms that are caused by dry hands are wrinkles. Reduction in the thickness of skin and sunspots. 

Most people don’t take care of their hands the same way they do their faces. It is very rare to hear of a hands-care routine.

Some of the care tips include:

Using  Lavender essential oil. It has a high level of antioxidants that protects the skin from harmful free wrinkles. As well as UV radiation.

It can be mixed with extra virgin oil. Use them both to massage your hands. Right after a bath. And before going to sleep.

Did you know that ripe bananas have moisturizing effects as well? They are rich in vitamins A, B, and E. 

The Iron, magnesium, zinc, and potassium. Helps with the rejuvenation of the skin as well as fighting wrinkles.

Just mash one ripe banana and apply the resulting taste with your hand. Let it act and rinse with warm water.

Another one is Aloe Vera. It is also very efficient to treat hand wrinkles. It has moisturizing effects that help keep water in the skin.

Moreover, it contains polysaccharides that stimulate skin regeneration. Begin by removing the gel off a fresh aloe vera leaf. Then apply to your hands with a gentle massage.

Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Another fruit that can help keep your hands soft and clean is avocado. It is rich in antioxidants. As well as having powerful anti-aging properties.

Moreover, It can be used to massage your hands daily. Or opt to leave overnight. When mixed with olive oil.

Not forgetting that massaging the hands with these fats. It will help stimulate collagen production. While reducing wrinkles. 

Use the oils to massage your hands for 5- 10 minutes. After that, wear cotton gloves to help keep them moisturized.

Sweating is a natural phenomenon that helps regulate your body temperature. It can only become a problem if it still happens during the night. Or the cold seasons.

In such an incident, you can opt to mix Chandan with rose water to make a paste. Then apply it to your palms and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Finish by keeping them in cold water.

Cold and concentrated black tea will also work with sweaty palms. Just keep a cloth in it and wipe your palm.

The tannic acid in tea has astringent properties. That can act as a natural antiperspirant.

Another option would be to carry a black tea bag. Soak it in water and hold it in your palm. It helps you to reduce sweatiness in your palms.

Other than that, you can rub an ice cube on your palms. This will help close the pores. As well as minimize palm sweating. Rub the ice on your palms for a minute.

Applying talcum powder that is nonperfumed. It will help as well. It has a cooling effect. While absorbing the moisture and keeping your skin dry.

Gardening can be as beneficial as going to the gym. It is a natural aesthetic for a good state of mind.  

While the essential oils keep you moisturized. Gardening gloves keep your hands clean. 

As well as shield your fingers from cuts, scratches, strings, and even soil-borne bacteria such as tetanus. Which can enter your body through nicks in your skin.

In the market, there are gloves available for both men and women. The assumption of having tough hands wouldn’t apply. When your hands are full of rose or barberry thorns.

When choosing garden gloves, the fit is important. Ensure you try them first, such that they fit your hands snuggly. While they are not slipping off.

Considering the material used to make the gloves is a good idea. For example;

There are cloth gloves: which are the most common and inexpensive. They could be made of either knit jerseys or cotton.

Even though they keep your hands clean.  They offer very little protection. From stinging nettle and rose thorns.

Leather gloves: these can be quite expensive but have very quality material. With the advantage of being waterproof. 

They also offer very good protection from thorns or stones that might be in the dirt. Moreover, being that the material is quality. They are more durable with minimal wear and tear.

Another one is Rubber coated gloves: these are best for protecting hands while using chemicals in the garden. Such as fertilizers and weed killers.

Latex gloves: these are excellent for industrial use. In the medical industry and dental clinic.

They can’t be used in the garden because of how they easily tear. As well as attach to the skin and cause sweaty hands.

Some of the gloves suitable in the garden include:

Garden genie gloves. They give you the benefit of entering your hands in the garden soil. Without getting them dirty. As well as not creating a mess.

They are designed for you to play in the dirt in a productive manner. Moreover, they are waterproof and durable. Its material is made from puncture-resistant latex.

Another feature is their built-in claws for digging. Which can be used in place of a shovel. Especially in soft soil.

In addition, they come with a great grip. Meaning you can use them without worrying about anything slipping through your hands. 

They are also designed to extend quite a way above your wrists. Which keeps your skin safe from thorns and garden hazards.

Nitro lag gloves are also an example. They protect your hands from dirt while pulling out weeds. Its material makes you feel like you are not wearing gloves in your hands at all.

Since they are designed to be thin. As well as comfortable and flexible. With the benefit of being it can be thrown into the washing machine when you need to clean them up.

They are suitable for pulling weeds, digging holes, potting plants, and shoveling. Very breathable and flexible.

There also are Relief gardening gloves. They prevent fatigue and pain in the hands while gardening. 

Not only do they protect your hands from dirt and debris. But they are also very good for sensitive and arthritic hands. Especially for gardeners who tire during work.

An orthopedic hand surgeon designs these gloves. Hence their specificity in addressing hand pain.

The Bionx pad relief system feature gives you more grip by flattening your hand. While the terry cloth material inside the gloves keeps your hands dry even when they start sweating.

The joints of the gloves have bionic lycra added. For more flexibility and posterity. Moreover, they have extra support in the wristband. Not forgetting how durable they are, thanks to the silicon-coated fingertips.

Rose pruning gloves are extra long for pruning roses or berry bushes. Making them the perfect choice for thorny gardens. 

With their long design and puncture to prevent your arms from scratches.

They are extra soft for sensitive skin. Especially those with arthritic hands. It is important to protect your hands from rose thorns. To avoid infections from their tiny cuts.

Pine tree tools gloves. These are the Ultimate barehand sensitivity gloves for gardening. Being that they are infused with bamboo provides a surprising amount of comfort levels.

Bamboo is known to absorb perspiration hence making them naturally breathable.  It keeps your hands cool in summer and warm in winter.

An additional tip to keep your hands from drying. Is not using very hot water to clean them.

Use lukewarm water. Always remember to moisturize after to keep them hydrated.

Digging your hands into the dirt can also cause them to dry out very quickly. This mainly happens because the soil becomes very dry. It wants to absorb moisture.

Especially if the soil hasn’t been watered in a while. Or the potting mix that comes in bags. The dirt will pull all the moisture it can from your hands. 

Gloves come in handy while gardening because:

  • They keep hands and fingernails clean and dry.
  • To avoid blisters and calluses.
  • Prevent cuts and scrapes.
  • Protect against insect bites.
  • Protect against fungal infections. Contracted by certain plants or gardening materials.

Gardeners who don’t like wearing gloves have to wash their hands more often. Soaps can have a drying effect on the skin. Especially when used excessively.

Here are some tips on keeping your hands soft.

  • Limit hand washing: 

washing hands is important, especially during cold and flu season. However, when overdone, they strip your hands of moisture.

You must be mindful of what you touch to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. Sanitizers are good.

However, the chemicals used to make them can cause the drying of hands over time.

  • Moisturize a lot.

The best time to moisturize is when your hands are still damp. As this will help lock some of the moisture into your skin.

Using essential oils is the best way to go. They make your hands soft. While leaving them smelling nice.

  •  Look after your hands as you would your face

Hopefully, you have a skincare regime to be proud of. Just like your face, hands can benefit from an anti-aging routine.

If you’ve got a build-up of dirt under and around your nails. Make it a habit of taking a few minutes to do a hand soak or scrub.  It will relax the skin. 

Hand masks are also becoming increasingly popular. Their benefit include giving dehydrated mitts a moisture boost

  • Don’t neglect your nails

If you are digging around in damp and dirty conditions. Your nails will be prone to becoming brittle. 

To keep them strong while preventing any splitting. Reward yourself with a good quality nail treatment. Now and then. 

To conclude, gardening is a good activity for putting your yard into great use. Not only do you get to enhance its aesthetic. But it also improves your state of mind.

To keep your hands from drying as well as sweating too much. Essential oils and suitable gloves will go a long way. 

Whichever gloves or type of remedy you go for. They have to be durable and of quality. 

A little powder, as well as a teabag, might go a long way. In keeping your hands from sweating in gloves. This also goes for rubbing alcohol on the palm of your hand.