How to winterize a trampoline

While you may not wish to dismantle and store your trampoline in-house come winter, you must look into protecting your trampoline from the snow. The weight of the snow can ruin your trampoline by weighing it down since most trampolines have a maximum weight capacity.

Additionally, the moisture content in the snow, as well as high winds, can cause damage. That said, follow the steps below when preparing your trampoline for winter;

Store Now Weather Proof Parts Indoors

Remove all the frame mats, springs, jumping mats, safety netting, and clean them to remove dirt and store them indoors. You can also dismantle the trampoline and store it indoors if you live in an area with strong gale winds during winter.

Make sure your store all the trampoline parts in a cool and dry space. Alternatively, you can set it up in your garage if you have enough space and if you wish to continue jumping on the trampoline in winter.

Winter Trampoline Maintenance

Should you choose to leave the trampoline outdoors during winter, make sure you remove the snow after every storm or regularly. To prevent the trampoline springs from being weighed down and losing their efficacy. You can use a broom or a shovel to remove the snow but make sure you do not rip the jumping mat with the shovel.

Also, ensure you clean the frame mats and the safety netting. You will also need to weigh it down to prevent any cases of a flying trampoline. To prevent it from causing any damages or injuries. But you should err on the side of caution if your area has strong winds and severe snowfall.

Now that you know how to winterize a trampoline, you can go ahead and enjoy your trampoline at your leisure, even when it snows.