How to winterize a sliding patio door

Glass is a bad conductor of heat and as such, it can result in excessively high energy bills during winter. This predicament is not permanent and it is possible to counter the demerits of your patio glass door before winter comes. This article guides you on how to winterize a sliding patio door.

While you may need to do a combination of preparations for effective winter door insulation, the most important part is to decide what will work best for your patio door. These are the 5 options available when it comes to preparing your sliding doors for winter. In this guide, we will cover all of them.

1. Get a door snake

Use a door snake to cold proof your patio door. Chances are you will not be using your patio during winter; so this is a foolproof method unless you use a low-quality product. You can also shrink wrap your door to create a cold blockade.

2. Treat your windows

Look into getting your patio door glass treated either by a professional or by installing window film on your own. You can also use bubble wrap to insulate the glass.

3. Weather stripping

Buy compression strips to seal any spaces around your patio door joinery and prevent the cold air from coming through the cracks. You can also use caulk to fix any cracks in the joinery and keep the sliding door from freezing but you need to get this done a few months prior to winter so that it dries properly.

prepare sliding patio door for winter

4. Clear ruble

Vacuum the sliding track to clear any debris that may prevent the sliding door from closing properly. This will, in turn, cause cold air drafts to enter your home. If the track is not working properly then get it fixed before winter.

5. Draping

Invest in thermal curtains that will provide insulation and block cold air drafts from increasing your heating bill. They also have an added advantage of blocking out sound. Make sure you buy a high-quality one that has the acrylic foam padding otherwise it will be a waste of money.

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Winterizing your sliding patio door shouldn’t be difficult. With the above-mentioned tips, you can ensure that your patio door remains in good order during the winter.