How to winterize a salt water pool

Failing to winterize your pool can be a costly affair. Not only do you have to contend with algae growth and pool stains, but you may also have to repair the pool due to damage caused over the winter season. As such, it is essential to learn how to winterize a saltwater pool if you wish to save yourself some money as well as the headache of cleaning and fixing your salt ware swimming pool.

How To Winterize A Salt Water Pool

Follow the steps below to prepare your pool for the winter season;

  1. Balance the water pH and stop adding salt
  2. Clean the pool and remove ladders, rails, etc. from the pool
  3. Add winter chemicals and lower the water level
  4. Winterize the salt generator and properly drain and clean all equipment
  5. Winterize pool lines and skimmer, and cover the pool

Maintaining Salt Water Pool In Winter

You will still need to tend to your pool even after closing your saltwater pool for winter. To start off, remove the salt cells and store them indoors as you do not need to add any salt to the pool during this season. You will also need to check the pool’s PHz every few weeks and adjust accordingly. Failure to do so may require a lot of water re-alkalizing activities once winter is over.

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Clean the pool cover every so often to prevent breach by branches or rotten leaves accumulation that may create room for bacteria, mold, and algae growth. Finally, use a non-chlorine floater to release chemicals necessary for killing pathogens, microbial, and algae.

Do You Have To Winterize A Saltwater Pool?

Yes. Failure to do so can cause the pool to freeze which can lead to cracking of your swimming pool times. Meaning you have to fix them before you start using your pool during the next summer season.

Whatever you do, do not drain your pool. As this may cause it to become unstable. Hydrostatic pressure from underground water may cause it to give way and sink. It is better to winterize your pol than to pay professionals to fix your pool and prevent it from turning into a sinkhole.

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