How to tell when a chainsaw chain is worn out

A blunt chainsaw will make chopping down a small tree feel like you are bringing down the entire Amazon forest. That and the fact that using a blunt chainsaw chain exerts the motor which ends up messing up your chainsaw in the long run. Below are the key pointers on how to tell if a chainsaw chain is worn out.

  1. It is not cutting wood properly; – what would have been a breeze to cut down now requires you to exert pressure for the chainsaw to cut the wood.
  2. The chainsaw is producing smoke; – this is a sign that the chainsaw motor is working extra hard to cut through the wood.
  3. It is shredding wood; – a sharp chainsaw chain produces wood chips and not sawdust.
  4. The cuts produced are uneven; – this means that the chainsaw teeth are uneven or dull.
  5. Chainsaw rattling; – if the chain makes noises or bounces when you are using it then the chain needs to be replaced.

How Long Does A Chainsaw Chain Last?

The chainsaw chain life expectancy can range from a few months to a few years depending on the level of usage and the chainsaw chain brand being used. In most cases, you can get a few years’ worth of use from a single chainsaw chain before you have to change it.

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How Often Do You Need To Replace A Chainsaw Chain?

You should replace your chainsaw chain if it is dull, is sagging from the chain, gnarled, broken, or missing some chain links. The replacement schedule is not based on a timeline.

You should know that constant sharpening of your chainsaw chain is one of the main reasons it gets worn out faster. Additionally, if the chain teeth become too small, they may break of and cause perilous damage to your chainsaw bar, you or anyone around at the time of usage.

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