How to store baby carrots

Forget the name. Baby carrots are just the usual carrots cut down to small sizes. Just like their natural counterparts, they can be stored for future use, albeit without messing their integrity. Here is how you do it.

The most obvious way to increase the longevity of your carrots is by maintaining them in their packaging. Keeping your baby carrots sealed helps in this process. Do not store them with other foods; instead, opt for the fridge drawer.

Opening the sealed bag allows air, which among other factors accelerates spoilage. To maintain their freshness after opening, make perforations to the container. Improved circulation will keep your baby carrots freshness. In addition to this air gets rid of unnecessary moisture build up in the plastic bags.

Removal of any carrot that shows signs of withering ensures the rest are not affected. Occasionally keep checking the baby carrots sorting them

The crisper drawer is ideal for storage since the carrots can still be fresh for more than two weeks.


  • You can remove the baby carrots from their bags.
  • In case there are green leaves still hanging ensure you cut them off. These leaves suck up additional moisture that may be counterproductive to their freshness.
  • Place water in a container
  • Place the carrots into the water and keep them inside the refrigerator
  • Keep checking the water daily
  • Replace the water when it becomes dirty or cloudy
  • Inspect your carrots replacing the one with signs of withering or shrivel

Your carrots should last longer in this state.

These two preservation methods should ensure your baby carrots remain as fresh as possible. Adding water to sealed baby carrots bags can accelerate the deterioration of the carrots. You, therefore, ought to choose your method of preservation of carrots.