How to Sharpen Grass Clippers

Bruised glass blades tend to turn yellow, causing your lawn to look like it has been invaded by armyworms or grass fungi of sorts. For this reason, it is better to use sharp glass clippers if you want your lawn to keep up with the Joneses. Not to mention blunt clippers mean you have to cut the grass a couple of times before it is evenly cut. Keep reading to learn how to sharpen grass clippers.

How To Sharpen Hand Held Grass Clippers

When sharpening grass clippers, you need to use a mill file or a scissor sharpener. Since grass clippers are shaped like sharpeners. You can use a table vise to hold the clippers in place as you sharpen them. Then once you are done sharpening it, you can wipe it down with an old rag using motor oil. Alternatively, you can buy a garden tool sharpener and use it to sharpen the grass clipper blades.

When using a mill file, separate the blades as much as you can and work on one blade at a time. For safety purposes, you can use a wrench to keep the blade you are not working on out of the way. It would be best if you also pointed the blade edges away from you as you sharpen them. Ideally, they should be facing upwards. Place the lower end of the table vise close to your body and the beveled edge away from you.

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For easier sharpening, you can remove the pivot nut holding the blades together and sharpen each blade on its own. Once they are as sharp as you wish, you can reassemble the grass clipper and use it. You can use a wrench to separate the blades. Make sure you tighten the nut once you put them together. To avoid any accidents while using it.

Then test the blades to see if they are not cutting the grass in one sweep. If not, sharpen them again. Always oil your blades after use to keep them staying sharp for longer. It will also protect them from rusting.