How to light a patio heater manually

Patio heaters are a modern marvel that allows you to enjoy chilly outdoor weather without freezing over. While most patio heaters can be ignited automatically, you might have to light it up manually should the auto ignition fail to work.

While you may panic thinking that your heater is broken, you don’t have to panic. As long as you know how to light a patio heater manually, you are good to go. Simply follow the 3 easy steps outlined below and you will learn a new skill that will come in handy when you go camping and need to light up a portable camping gas stove.

These are the 5 steps you need to follow in order to light up your patio heater manually;

1. Turn control knob

First and foremost, push the control knob to the pilot position. This should be the direction similar to turning your gas stove knob. Basically, it is 45 degrees in the anti-clockwise direction. But if in doubt, consult your patio heater instructions manual.

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2. Light it up

Next, you need to light the patio heater with a lighter if it does not light up after you have pressed the control knob consistently for a while. To avoid burning your finger use a candle lighter. Insert the lighter through the match lighting hole before igniting the candle lighter.

3. Turn knob to high

Finally, remove your finger from the control know and let it release on its own. Then you can turn the control knob a further 45 degrees or less to increase the size of the flame depending on your heaters setting and your heating preference.

Make sure there are no flammable or combustible materials near your patio heater and the gas tank is properly attached before you light it up.

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