How to keep rabbits out of your garden with ivory soap

Rabbits can be your top enemies if you have a yard. They can eat vegetables and plants and cause extensive damage. Getting rid of them is not that easy, lest you dig deep into your pockets and buy some expensive tools or employ some costly techniques.

There are, however, more straightforward and inexpensive ways to get rabbits out of your yard. One way is by using products such as Ivory soap and Spring soap that work by producing an odor that the rabbits don’t seem to like that much.

Ivory soap can be beneficial when dealing with garden pests such as rabbits. A typical soap bar is made up of the following ingredients:

  • Sodium tallowate
  • Sodium cocoate or sodium palm kernelate
  • Sodium chloride
  • Magnesium sulfate
  • Fragrance
  • Water

Using ivory soap is economical, and the product is easy on humans, animals, and plants. It is just the perfect product to repel those cute rabbits away from your garden without having to kill them.

Alongside using the soap rabbit repellent, you need to make the yard less inviting to rabbits by clearing any tall grass that they often use as their cover from predators. Putting a barrier fence around the plants also helps. These are ways of getting rid of the rabbits organically.

How does Ivory Soap keep rabbits away?

Here is how you can use Ivory Soap to repel rabbits in your garden

Find a grater and use it to grate the soap into an airtight container. Use an old kitchen grater or buy a new one that will be specifically for that purpose. Also, take great caution when grating the Ivory soap bar to avoid cutting your fingers. You can always wear gardening gloves for extra protection.

When sealed, the airtight container will help ensure the grated soap does not go off or lose its fragrance. This is important as it is the smell of the soap that puts off the rabbits.

Next is to sprinkle the grated soap.  Carefully sprinkle it all around the plants; both ornamental as well as edible plants, ensuring you don’t miss the crucial spots.

Give it a short time, and you will quickly notice how the rabbits that were a nuisance and damaging your garden are reducing. It is however recommended you sprinkle some more grated Ivory soap every once in a while as it is prone to be washed away by water from the rains.

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The amount of soap you use for this process will depend on the size of your garden. Also, the population of local rabbits is an important consideration.

After the hard work you put in preparing your yard, planting and maintaining the plants, it can be frustrating if anything should happen to your cherished plants. Often rabbits are part of the cartel responsible for garden damage. But these rabbits are really cute I must admit, and killing them is not always an option. With the Ivory soap, you don’t have to, and you just need enough to deter them from chewing on your plants.