How to keep lilacs from wilting when cut

While lilac flowers have a beautiful appearance that can enhance the décor element in a room in a matter of seconds, they also tend to have a very short lifespan after they are cut. Which makes using them as a decorative flower cumbersome as you have to change them out more often than other flower types. But you can also learn how to keep lilacs from wilting when cut.

The first step for keeping lilacs fresh after cutting is to crush their stems since they are hard like a branch. This will enable them to absorb water while in a vase. If you slice the stem, the flower’s xylem will remain watertight, which will, in turn, not absorb water or any nutrients that can prolong its blooming life.

Next, you need to remove the leaves from the flowers as these tend to draw moisture that would otherwise be used by the flowers. They also lead to the growth of bacteria and start decomposing, which will ultimately spread to the flowers. Additionally, use distilled water instead of chlorinated water as chlorinated water damages flower tissue and may cut short the life of your flower’s bloom.

Did you know that lilacs that are cut as soon as they bloom, last longer than those that are cut towards the end of the blooming cycle? For this reason, you need to cut your lilacs as soon as they bloom if you want to enjoy their beauty for a longer time.

How To Preserve Lilacs

Use flower power juice, commonly known as flower preservative, to nourish them while they are in the vase. For a homemade remedy, mix two tablespoons of sugar with two tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice and add one tablespoon of laundry bleach. Use this in a glass vase as metal or plastic will react with the acid in the mixture.

Why Do Lilacs Die So Quickly?

For starters, lilac flowers bloom for pollination purposes. So once the proportionate period is over, the flowers start to die. Secondly, the leaves leech nutrients from the flowers, causing them to die.

Ensure that you keep the flowers form direct sunlight to prevent them from getting dehydrated. Always place your vase of cut lilac flowers in a cool place. The cooler, the better.