How to keep grass green in hot weather

Keeping your lawn green in hot weather can earn you the envy of all your neighbors. Especially if their lawns start looking like they have never been watered in ages. It takes a lot to be on a green thumb level when it comes to maintaining a green lawn during the hot summer months. Keep reading to learn how to keep grass green in warm weather.

Preparation is Key

It would be best if you started caring for your yard way before summer begins. You cannot begin to water your grass when it gets hot and expects it to look green. You need to start the process as early as winter if you want to have a green lawn all summer long.

Fertilize Your Lawn

You will also need to fertilize the grass to provide it with the essential nutrients it needs to grow thicker so it can be resistant to dry spells without drying out and dying. Another tip for having greener grass it to use a nitrogen-based fertilizer like milorganite as it will also make the grass become greener faster. Because it helps in chlorophyll formation.

Water Is Life

Water your grass at least twice per week to maintain their root system. If they dry out, the grass will end up wilting and becoming brown. Ensure that the water soaks into the roots so that they can remain hydrated in the coming days.

It is also critical that you water the grass earlier on in the day to prevent the water from evaporating in the blistering heat. This will give it more time to get absorbed by the grass as well as the soil.

Mowing Tips

Use a sharp, well-maintained mower when mowing for a clean cut instead of tearing the grass as this can lead to browning of the green if the blades are bruised. Another critical thing to remember is to mow in the morning. To prevent the grass from wilting due to water loss in the heat.

Is It Better To Leave Grass Longer In Hot Weather?

Yes. Leaving taller grass when you mow during summer is another crucial green lawn tip. Keep your grass at least 4 inches long during the hot summer months for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, the water will evaporate less is the grass is denser. It will also keep weeds from growing as the root system in longer grass is stronger as compared to a close cut mowed lawn.

Lastly, look into getting a specially designed lawn fertilizer if you want to keep growing grass in hot weather. You should also fertilize in the morning as the fertilizer will penetrate better before all the water evaporates.