How to Keep Your Flag From Wrapping Around the Pole

How to keep flag from wrapping around pole

If you own a flag, then chances are you have had to deal with a flag wrap at some point. You have also probably tried to find out how to keep your flag from wrapping around the pole.

While you may be okay with having to unwrap it every time the flag wraps around the pole, there are much easier and more convenient ways to keep your flag from wrapping around the pole.

1] Fishing Weights or Clip-on Flag Weights

The easiest way to keep your flag from wrapping around the pole is by using fishing weights or clip-on flag weights to weigh it down.

This will prevent it from getting wrapped around the pole and it will only set you back a few dollars. Additionally, you can paint the weight the colors of the flag to prevent it from standing out.

2] Heavy Flag

Another option is to buy a flag made from heavier materials such as canvas or polyester as they will not wrap around the pole.

They will also be less absorbent to water than regular materials used, such as nylon and cotton.

3] Flag Anti-furling Kit

You can also invest in a flag anti-furling kit. This is similar to a rotating flag pole as it moves with the wind to prevent the flag from wrapping around the pole. You can also get a regular spinning flag pole which will move as the wind dictates.

4] Have You Ever Heard of a Rotating Collar System?

Unlike spinning poles, these systems move the flag around the pole when the winds start blowing while the flag pole remains stationary.

5] You Can Also Get a Non-tangle Rod

The rod comes with a grommet attached on one end and the flag is clipped onto the other end. When the wind blows, the rod holds the flag in place preventing it from wrapping around the pole.

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6] Use in Areas With Windbreakers

Lastly, you may want to consider hoisting your flag in an area with windbreakers around.

Trees, fences, hills, sheds, and house walls will provide a windbreak that will prevent the flag from wrapping around the pole.

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