How to Increase Water Pressure in Garden Hose

Having adequate water for garden watering is very important. However, there are times when the pressure in the garden hose is inadequate making the work slow and inefficient. This is the moment when people start looking for how to increase water pressure in the garden hose especially if this was their first time. In this article, we are going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to increase water in your garden hose.

What Causes Low Pressure in the Garden Hose?

You need to first know what that causing low pressure is in the garden hose. Low pressure in the hose means water may not reach the farthest corners of your garden. The exercise may also be time-consuming. Low pressure on the garden hose may be caused by:

  • Demand for water
  • Faulty garden tap
  • Leaks in the hose
  • Main water valve
  • Water pressure regulator

Increasing Your Garden Water pressure

how to increase water pressure in a garden hoseYou can easily increase garden hose water pressure by plugging in a thin nozzle. Fluid flow laws will almost naturally boost the pressure to usable levels if all you want it to irrigate or hose down something with a higher pressure jet. If this doesn’t work, you can try the following causes and possible solutions.

Demand for Water

You might be watering your garden when the demand for water is at its peak. During the mornings and the evenings, demand for water may be high hence reduced pressure. If this is the case, you can try to water your garden when demand for water is low.

Your Garden Tap

Your garden tap may be the cause of low pressure to the garden. If the water pressure in the kitchen and other areas is sufficient while that of the garden is low, then your tap might be the problem. Check for blockage in the garden tap and the pipes leading to the garden. Replacing the garden tap with a new one will do the miracle to increase water pressure for garden hose.

Check the Hose

The gist of the problem may be lying with the hose itself. Check whether there are any worn out parts or leakages in your garden hose. If there are any leaks or worn out parts, you can repair them for maximum functionality. Alternatively, you can replace your garden hose.

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Inspect the Main Water Valve

The problem of low water pressure to your garden might be as a result of the main water valve. Check whether the valve is fully turned on.

If you’ve been wondering how to increase outdoor water pressure so that it is good enough for irrigation¬†and other outdoor activities, hope this article was helpful. However, if the above solutions do not work, then it is important to call a plumber.