How to Get Rid of Wood Mites

Wood mites are tiny white bugs that often live in old, damp wood. They also infest cigar humidors and snake tanks if they contain wood-based substrates, like bark or aspen.

For the sake of good hygiene, you need to get rid of these mites wherever they infest your home.

While getting rid of wood mites on your own may seem far-fetched, it actually isn’t.

It is a simple and straightforward process, almost similar to eradicating the other types of mites.

How Do You Kill Wood Mites?

If you are looking for what kills wood mites then there are two effective ways.

1] Anti-mite insecticide

One option is to get an anti-mite insecticide from your local gardening or home supply store, or online store.

There are several good products; some will even work on other mites as well. Just make sure what you purchase is safe to use indoors.

  • Start by inspecting the area thoroughly to find any mites. Wood mites are tiny white bugs and feed on decomposing wood, but they aren’t termites.
  • Then proceed to remove any mite-infested items and thoroughly clean the area.
  • Spray the insecticide on the area while keeping a safe distance. This is to ensure you do not inhale the insecticide.
  • If there are mites on your cigar humidor, put it in the freezer for some hours. The cold environments are unsuitable for mite eggs to survive.

2] Predatory mite

Another alternative is to get a predatory mite like hypoaspis miles to consume the wood mites.

The hypoaspis mites are available in most gardening supply stores, or you can check online if the stores around you don’t have them.

These predatory mites will die off after some days when they have consumed all the wood mites.

How to Get Rid of Wood Mites on Deck

Get Rid of Wood Mites

Wooden mites can also infest your deck. To get rid of them:

  • Clean the deck thoroughly. You can use a rag or wood polish.
  • Apply a benzyl benzoate insecticide labeled for mite control.
  • In addition, cover the deck with a plastic sheet as it helps eliminate the conditions that attract the mites to the deck.

Can Wood Mites Bite Humans?

Besides feeding on decomposing wood and the need to have a hygienic environment, wood mites don’t bother humans and are usually harmless.

They also don’t pose a threat to pet snakes – they only have an interest if the snake take contains a wood-based substrate.

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You don’t need to hire a professional to get rid of wood mites as it is pretty simple to do it on your own.

Once you identify the infested area and have the appropriate insecticide, you should be able to eliminate them with ease after following the above steps.