How to Get Algae out of the Pool without a Vacuum

Anyone that owns a pool understands how important it is to clean it correctly and keep it that way. A dirty pool can be dangerous and have adverse effects on your health as well as skin. It is also an eyesore and will dull your pool light’s magnificence.

One of the most common issues for pool owners is algae that form quite frequently, especially when not in use. Once it accumulates, it gives the swimming pool an ugly green color within a short time. How to get algae out of a pool without a vacuum isn’t easy. However, once you understand the cause and how to keep it from happening, your pool will always be algae free.

How to Clean Algae from Your Swimming Pool

If you don’t have a vacuum to clean algae from your pool, then you have to do it manually. You must be keen on the cleaning process since any residue may promote the growth of more algae. You can use a pool skimmer to lift off all the algae in your pool but it will take time. The following should help you get rid of the green in your pool.

Use the Correct Algaecide

If you don’t have a homemade pool vacuum, then the appropriate algaecide is what you need to clear any algae from your swimming pool. There is a different product for black, yellow, or green algae, so make sure to match appropriately. Pour enough algaecide into the pool with the filter as well as the pump running.

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The measurements should be indicated in the product’s instruction label. If not, work with 450 grams of product for a pool with approximately 10,000 gallons of water. Allow this to run for at least a day then work on getting rid of any debris.

Brush It Off

The most common, and to some extent effective, method is by scrubbing off algae from your pool. A good quality 18-inch wall brush is adequate for this task, although you may need a smaller one for those tight spaces and corners. Ensure that your filter is running as you do this since it should get rid of all the debris. If you have any larger particles left, then you can use a regular pool cleaner to collect it.

Calcium Shocking

Some people have reservations for using algaecide because you may need to use them a few times before getting desired results. However, using Calcium Hypochlorite shock is excellent at getting rid of algae in the pool quickly. For a 10,000 gallons pool, you will need one pound of the chemical. Mix five gallons of water with one bag of Hypochlorite and apply on areas with the algae. It works fast to increase chlorine levels with kills algae in under 12 hours with the filter running throughout.

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Remember that prevention is better and always more comfortable, so even after the successful killing of algae in your pool, it’s critical to ensure that it doesn’t grow back. This is why you should clean your filter after and ensure that you maintain the pool at the correct pH. Remember to clean the surface of your pool often to avoid buildup.