How to Get a Bird Out of the Garage

It can be a bit exhausting trying to remove a bird from your garage without harming it. Remain calm and do not make sudden noise or movement. Scaring the bird will make it fly frantically inside the garage and risk injuring itself, hurting you, or destroying property.

The best way to get a bird out of the garage is to allow it to leave on its own. You can also try to catch it or lure it carefully outside. This article will help you with options for safely and effectively getting a bird out of the garage and tips to keep them out completely.

Best Ways to Remove a Bird out of the Garage

Since federal and state laws protect most wild birds, it is wise to get rid of them without injuring them or putting yourself in danger. Here are safe ways you can remove a bird stuck in the garage.

Wait it out

If the bird is calm and not injured, you can try waiting for it to find its way out. Switch off the lights and fan and open all the doors and windows that lead outside to provide exit options. Birds are attracted to lights, so eventually, the bird will be drawn to the sunlight and finds its way out. Keep in mind this may take a while, so try to be patient.

Provide a visible exit

If that doesn’t work, create a single exit. Switch off the light and the fan too so that it doesn’t hurt the bird. Close the windows and only keep the garage door open. Leave the garage and allow the bird to find its way out through the one source of light.

Lure the bird out

You can try to lead the bird out of the garage by placing attractive objects in the direction of the door. Use bright-colored objects, water, or some grains or nuts.

Trap it safely

If the bird is exhausted, it might not bother flying out on its own. You can wait until it relaxes and try to catch it with your hands or trap it using a net. Carefully put the net over it and carry it outside. Close the garage door so that it does not fly back in. Do not use any object that could potentially harm the bird like a rap trap.

Use a rake

Birds tend to fly upwards, so the bird may be stuck in the rafters trying to look for a way out. Use a rake to lead the bird out. Slowly move the rake close to the bird, and it might jump on the rake, then gently lower the rake towards the door. Once the bird sees the light, it will fly out.

Remove or relocate the nest

Birds will nest in places they consider warm and safe, and that place may happen to be in your garage. First, check to see if there are eggs in the nest. If there are no eggs, remove the nest and keep the doors closed in the evening since non- nocturnal birds usually return to their nests in the evening.

If you do find eggs, wait until they hatch and the chicks are a few weeks old to remove the nest or relocate them to a nearby tree.

Call the local licensed wildlife rehabilitation center

If the bird is in danger of starving, dying from heatstroke, getting injured, or is already injured, you can seek help from the local wildlife rehabilitation center. They will advise appropriately and safely remove the bird for you.

How to Keep Birds from Roosting in Your Garage

Having a bird around can be pleasant, but they can also be a nuisance if they nest in your garage. Below are a few ways to successfully keep birds off the garage.

Use visual scares for birds

Using decoys that look like predators is an effective way of keeping birds away from your garage. You can use wooden or plastic fakes of predatory birds like hawks and owls, coyotes, or foxes. Here is one of my favorite owl decoy prop.

Keep in mind that birds can get used to a stationary object; make sure the decoy is continuously moving or rotating.

Use barriers

Use netting or screen to cover windows and eaves where birds could be gaining access to your garage. Cover all crevices and openings and make sure the screen is well fitted.

Use reflective tape or rods

Hang reflective tape or rods near the garage to scare away birds. You can also hang CDs on a string that will reflect light and deter the birds from the garage. You can try these for a start:

Repel them with sound

You can purchase an Ultrasonic Bird Repeller. It is a machine specifically designed to produce sound at a frequency that only animals can hear; this sound repels pest birds.

Use liquid bird repellent

If controlling the birds becomes too cumbersome, you can use liquid bird repellant that is also harmless to birds, other animals, and humans—this the best bird deterrent and is used in airports and farms for its effectiveness.

If you have a bird stuck in the garage, remember that their panic can cause more problems. Remain calm and be patient. Fortunately, the article has safe ways of removing a bird from your garage and preventing this in the long run.