How to cut tall grass with a reel mower

No matter how sophisticated electric lawn mowers have become, the old-fashioned Reel lawn mower has managed to stand the test of time and maintain its popularity.

Reel mowers have a number of benefits compared to the gas powered mowers. They tend to cut grass evenly as the reeling blade cuts in a scissor-like a manner leaving your yard looking manicured.

The grass is less prone to diseases as it cuts instead of ripping and tearing. You also get to exercise while pushing your lawn mower on the yard.

Reel mowers not only tend to be cheaper in comparison to auto mowers, but they do not use gas which makes them better for the environment. In addition, they are easier to use and maintain, safer than power mowers and quiet.

For you to get the most out of the benefits that they come with, you need to learn how to use a reel mower.

This is because cutting different types of grass requires different adjustments on the reel mower.

If your yard grows tall grass varieties such as pampas grass, Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass, and St. Augustine grass; then you would be better off buying a reel mower for tall grass.

Reel mowers are also important when cutting tall grass. However, for you to do it well, take the following tips into consideration;

1. Adjust the height

The first thing you need to do is adjust the reel mower height.  This will allow to cut grass that is at least 2 inches high. As the grass gets shorter, you can then adjust it downwards to cut the grass even shorter. Make sure the blade level is set at the highest cut level if you want an even lawn in one pass.

2. Wait for the grass to dry

Do not attempt to mow your lawn while the grass is wet. This will be wasted effort as the slippery grass will be difficult to mow. And you will end up with an uneven lawn.  Additionally, the wheel might lose traction and end up injuring you. Wait till the grass is dry before you attempt to mow your lawn.

3. Sharpening the blades

Sharpen your mower blades prior to mowing overgrown grass. Sharper blades will make the process easier as you will be able to push the mower much easier and cut the grass without exerting yourself.

Additionally, it will be easier on your mower as the other parts of the mower do not have to make up for the blunt blades.

4. Clean up your yard

Clear the yard and pick up any rocks, twigs, branched, piece of plastic and any other items that may make it difficult to mow your lawn. Also, attach a grass catcher to your reel mower to collect the grass once it is cut. This will prevent it from being caught in the blades making it difficult to mow.

Last but not least, maintain your reel mower on a regular basis to make lawn care hassle-free.