How to Clean Pergo Floors

Pergo floors are the ultimate upgrade of laminate flooring. They feature a protective layer that is resistant to scratches. They tend to last longer than regular laminate flooring and are wear-resistant. They are also easier to clean and maintain. Keep reading to learn how to clean Pergo floors.

  • Start by removing any debris or dirt from the floor using a vacuum cleaner or a dust mop. Do not use a vacuum cleaner with a rotary brush.
  • Then proceed to mop the floor using a damp mop. Do not use a lot of water to clean the floor or let any of it seep in between the laminate flooring as it will get into the wood and cause it to swell and warp.
  • You should also not steam clean the floor as this may cause the protective layer to separate from the wooden layer. Or even worse shrink since it is made of plastic.
  • For stain removal, clean the floor as per the type of stain.
  • To remove food or grease stains, for instance, use lukewarm water and a mild cleaner.
  • For tougher stains such as crayon, lipstick, nail polish, markers, and the like, use an acetone-based nail polish remover or denatured alcohol and a clean cloth.
  • To remove wax, glue, or gum, use a blunt scraper or glue remover.

What To Use When Cleaning Pergo Floors

The manufacturer has a specially formulated cleaner, which is ideally the best cleaner for Pergo floors. However, you can also use other cleaning agents to clean your Pergo floors; you can use a commercial laminate floor cleaner or make your cleaner.

For a homemade cleaning solution, dilute 1/3 cup of ammonia per gallon of water. You can also use one cup of vinegar per gallon of water. Or use an ounce of milk liquid soap per gallon of water. You can also use Windex to clean the floor.

How To Shine Pergo Floors

Since the protective anti-wear layer of Pergo floors is made of plastic that contains aluminum oxide, it is not advisable to wax and polish the floor. This will make the floors slippery and prone to accidents.

Additionally, the wax will need to be removed when it becomes dull over time, making the process tedious. All you have to do to maintain its shine is clean it using the specially formulated Pergo floor cleaner or a cleaner for laminate flooring.

Lastly, you can only wet-mop your Pergo floors if they have SpillProtect or WetProtect. You can also use a rug with solid backing to prevent dirt from sifting through and getting onto the floor. Look into ways to protect the floor despite then being wear-proof.