How Do Solar String Lights Work

Solar string lights make a home feel magical. They bring a warm, intimate ambiance to any outdoor living space.

By definition, they are lights used for decoration. They feature small light bulbs linked together by a cord or cable.

They draw power from a battery. This battery gets charged by a solar panel at one end of the string lights.

The solar panel converts sunlight into electric energy. Which then is stored in the battery by an electric inverter.

However, when evening comes, the conversion of sunlight stops. The photoreceptor detects the darkness. Then turn on the lights. The battery now powers the string lights.

Solar energy use is rising. Being a renewable source of energy. It reduces the cost of electricity. Making it an affordable option.

It is a simple DIY project to do by yourself. Since they are easy to put up and take down. You can even use what is around you to put them up.

Always begin with planning before putting them up. Do a quick sketch of the layout of the space. It could be the patio dining space, the outdoor living space, or the kid’s playhouse.

Ensure you select the best solar string lights to serve the intended purpose. Always choose reputable brands.

Solar string lights have a solar panel that gathers energy. With most of them, you don’t need an additional power supply.

Provided they charge under the sun for a maximum of 8 -10 hours. They will provide a power supply for up to 13 hours. Or all through the night.

Moreover, solar string lights have a variety of mode options. Around 8 in most of them. Hence creating different aesthetics.  As well as serving a decorative role.

Once you mount these solar string lights with multicolored bulbs. You don’t have to worry about scaling the roof to change the modes. The reason being they come with remote control features.

The remote allows you to turn the lights ON or OFF. Control the brightness. Change modes. As well as setting off timers.

In addition, they are built waterproof. Making them ideal for the outdoor environment. With all its weather conditions.

Such as heavy rains. You can even use outdoor lights on trees, windows, door walls, and grass, as well as use them to decorate during Christmas.

Although it might be a good idea to consider getting the solar string with long-life batteries. Especially during the winter when the sun is scarce.

With some, they have flexible copper wire. Making them convenient while shaping. As well as installing them at any corner of the garden.

Either through hanging them on the railings on the deck. Or on big trees with lower branches. Use eye hooks, coaxial staples, or cup hooks. All you have to do is drill a pilot hole.

The rope lights are a good option for hanging on the railings. It comprises 100 LED lights positioned inside the rope. The multicolored rope provides a fun aesthetic.

It has two working modes. Flashing and steady. In addition to lighting up for about eight hours on a fully charged battery.

The same case applies to the lights that don’t require boosts. Nor an outlet.

You can use hooks on the house sides. If the PVC stays in the ground all year round. The poles can be pulled out at the end of the season’s aesthetic.

Instead of poles, you can use patio umbrellas. Opt for those with a stand as a base. So that it can be moved around easily. To where it’s needed. Without having to dig around.

If not, do the planter post idea. Where you use a planter to put the post for the solar lights. This is especially suitable for lighting the sidewalk.

In case you get the solar string lights with USB batteries. They are usually easy to install. The lithium battery is charged by solar or AA batteries to power the lights.

Making them suitable for areas with different weather conditions. A good example is solar string lights with bottle bulbs embedded.

They are one of the most beautiful solar string lights. Best described as the lighting in a bottle. They are best for decorating at any activity involving children.

If not, they have an automated on and off function. Which makes it easy to operate them.

The CIAOYE or the dragon-shaped solar lights are easy to operate with a single ON and OFF switch. With two modes: static or flash.

You could also opt for those with 2 charging options. The solar panel and the USB act as a backup option.

Solar string lights are perfect for creating the perfect ambiance for different themes. As well as spaces. Be it a party or an intimate dinner. Be it on the patio, balconies, or the gazebo.

A good example of such string lights is the Amir lights. They will work perfectly well in the living room and the kid’s bedroom. As well as on the patio or the garden.

Interestingly, the wire string is invisible in the dark. Which leaves you with bright lights. That seems to hang in the air.

Amir lights are also ideal for decorating public places. Such as cafes and outdoor restaurants.

String lights add an exquisite look to modern decors. Such as when you replace a candle with a strong light. To cast a warm glow in a dark corner.

When the solar panel of the string lights is shaded. The amount of energy absorbed is reduced. Hence affects the amount of lighting produced.

Behind the solar panel, there are cells interconnected in a series. So when a few of them are shaded. A short circuit is created throughout the solar panel.

To fix this, you can either trim your trees. Or opt to use the solar string lights in a space that receives optimal sunshine.

In case the solar Light is one big one that can easily be taken apart. Consider opening it up and extending the connecting wire.

This will give you the liberty of having an extension. Hence giving you more liberty on where to place it. So it can receive maximum sunlight.

Solar string lights use LED bulbs. Which consumes less energy. While being brighter than normal bulbs.

The LED bulbs are more durable. Also, they come with protective films. Which provides cover from extreme weather conditions.

Their connecting cords in solar lights are made of copper or aluminum. Which are more durable and weather resistant.

However, solar string lights are more expensive than conventional lights. Most of them also fully depend on sunlight. Thus, they are not suitable for cloudy climate areas.

String lights can help to energize outdoor or indoor dinners. They are also good additions when holding evening parties. Such as birthday parties and weddings.

The duration of batteries on solar string lights depends on your consumption. Normally they should last up to 3years when used properly.

Solar string lights need a minimum of 6 hours to charge. In strong and direct sunshine.

Moreover, solar lights do charge on a cloudy day. Just not as quickly. Small, efficient solar panels can still generate electricity during overcast conditions.

When string lights are in the house. The normal bulb can charge it at a low rate. They usually eliminate a lot of heat.

Long-lasting designs of solar string lights can handle ordinary outdoor rainfall. If it has IP65 waterproof. It will be resistant to rain and dirt particles in the air.

Some solar lights are delivered with a full battery. Hence work immediately out of the box.

However, if the battery is empty. It will need at most 10 hours for it to fully charge. When placed in an area fully exposed to sunlight. It should be full by the end of the day.

It is okay to leave solar string lights on all of the time. Most of them automatically toggle on and off at sundown and sunrise.

Many solar lights have multiple brightness levels. Which optimizes your outdoor space. For instance, most solar security lights can match the existing property rights. 

You will need to hammer in foundation stakes to install solar lights on hard ground.  Before placing the lights around the yard.

It is one of the smaller steps to reducing the carbon footprint on an individual level. The solar lights are a good start.

All in all, after finishing installing the solar lights. You will only need to check on them when repairing it. Or replacing it.

How do the solar string lights make electricity? They are usually covered with a non-reflecting protective covering. Underneath, there are two layers. One with negative electrons and the other with positive ones.

When sunlight falls on the cells, the negative electrons are released into the positive side. Due to the voltage difference released between the two layers.

So the electrons flow. This is how you get electricity flowing through to charge the battery.

You will need to clean the contacts sometimes. This is so that you remove the dust and debris accumulating over time. Which can block the contacts.

When using solar lighting, you have an endless supply of energy. Which is generated and provides illumination without electric charges.

As long as they are placed where the sunlight is. It will light up your whole yard and the driveway too.

Electrical installation is way more expensive. Especially with regards to their extension cords. They can also barely survive extreme weather conditions. Mostly with heavy rains, there are power blackouts.

So what do you do when your solar lights are not working?

Check that they are turned on.

Few people realize they have an ON and OFF switch on their lights.

If your new light doesn’t work.  Check if there is a pull tab on the battery. That needs to be removed before the light functions.

Solar-powered lights do not function during the day. To test it, cover the solar panel. This will then stimulate darkness. Hence being able to know if it’s working.

A dirty panel can influence the amount of charge received. Use a dry or damp cloth to wipe the panel clean gently. A window or glass cleaner would also come through when the panel is particularly dirty.

Sometimes it could be that the battery is at fault. Either they are not receiving charges. Or not holding it. Test using the normal batteries.

Then let the solar light battery charge. For a while. Always ensure you have positioned it well. Where it can receive sunlight all day.

If all else fails, contact the retailer from which you got the lights.

The initial cost for quality solar string lights can be high. However, this cost is typically recouped over time.  Since you will pay nothing moving forward to run the lights.

A major inconvenience with solar lighting is its reliance on weather conditions. Partial shade or poor lighting due to overcast skies. This can result in low light output. As well as a shorter running time.

If possible, try to keep the solar panels from getting cold in winter. To avoid future problems. Opt for woolen covers or umbrellas.

The reason being solar string lights are made as cheaply as possible. Therefore, the few electronic parts inside will eventually corrode.

Not unless you are buying very high-end versions. Most solar lights are mass-produced trendy junks.

Solar lights’ lifespan depends on three major components used in it. Namely the solar panel, battery, and LED.

Normally they last between 2 to 8 years. This means they can work efficiently (above 80%) all through.

The lifespan of solar panels is over 20 years. While the LED is usually 50000 hours. Depending on the battery used, it would last up to 8 years.

For lightweight solar lights, you can bring them indoors to charge. Either using regular light bulbs. Or by placing them near the windows. 

If they are built with a USB charger. You can use your laptop or a socket. So you need not to worry when the sun doesn’t come up.

These days, there is still a small beam of light. That is heating the receptors of the PV cells of your solar lights.

These receptors receive, store and convert energy. Regardless of the amount of heat generated in the environment.

Couple this with the good cold temperature. The electrons inside the solar panel won’t have excessive electron movements.

Thus, it will render a higher voltage difference. With more energy production. Therefore, your solar panels will still charge even when the sun stays hidden.

Here are some tips you can follow so that your solar lights can work more effectively. Especially during the chilly days.

Remove snow from the solar panel’s surface. The snow accumulation may make it difficult for it to harness energy from the sun.

Do not use detergents. As they may cause streaking.

Make use of a mirror to redirect light to your solar light. This is also an efficient way to get the most out of the sun’s rays during winter.

However, this is a labor-intensive method. Since you need to keep repositioning the mirrors. Throughout the day.

Look for mirrors that are bigger than solar panels. So that they can receive as much sunlight as possible.

Moreover, let the mirror stand at a diagonal position from the ground. This way, you wouldn’t have to place it above the solar panel.

To deep charge the battery. Switch off your solar light and let it charge for 72 hours. Do this at least twice a month. To keep your solar batteries running more efficiently.

The whole purpose of solar lighting is to use the only free energy source available. The sun. 

Therefore, rechargeable batteries are necessary for keeping many solar lights operational. Since it stores the energy. The solar lights don’t automatically use the energy they have converted.

The batteries should be wide temperature resistant. Since they are under direct sunlight. They will naturally get hotter than the batteries in your TV remote.

The wide temperature resistance also helps protect the batteries during winter. Even at temperatures as low as -4 degrees.

 Batteries that are overtaxed can sometimes leak their internal acid. Which may destroy your solar lights.

Higher-quality solar lights come with integrated battery storage. Which has storage solutions that are specifically designed to work with solar panels. As well as the LED lights.

If you don’t have any deck or porch posts accessible. Or trees, you can use string outdoor lights. 

Get long vertical posts secured with concrete footings. They are an easy way to support string lights. As well as sturdy enough to stay up for a while.

If you use planters, they should be wide enough to hold enough concrete. For the posts.

With the planters, you have the choice of adding flowers around the post. After pouring the concrete, add a few rocks. Then the soil on top. Ensure you drill holes on the planter for drainage.

Solar string lights are always fabulous, dangling above outdoor patios. But they can also work wonders inside the home as well.

Whether you are trying to carve out rooms in a loft. Or adding ambiance to a dining room.

You can experiment with a large full-length mirror. Jazz it up by layering a string of black wired carnival lights over the side.

If you are looking for dining room lighting. Consider skipping the usual pendant or chandelier. And string up the lights instead.

Make them run from end to end. To give the dining room a festive touch.

You can use the lights to accent a gallery wall. Lay it out according to the design in which you have placed the pictures.

Sometimes it can be tricky to carve out separate spaces. Especially in an open space house. You can easily mark your entertaining spaces. With no walls needed.

Looking for a more playful way to light your kitchen? Try out a cascading string of lights over your table.

A great way to brighten up an exposed brick wall. Is to add some lights to it. Try adding lights that are on a black string. So that the dark color pops against the red brick.

There is something so cozy about snuggling into your couch. Turning off all the lights. Then flick on the string lights.

It’s a modern way of sitting in candlelight. Have them swoop from the window to a corner. Then let them disappear behind the sofa.

If you live in an apartment. Or have a room with a slanted ceiling or frame. Lean into that shape by outlining it with a strand of carnival lights.

A sweet way to add warmth to your entryway. Is to string lights around your living room entrance.

Don’t be afraid to mix different kinds of lights in one room. Just because you already have a pendant light in your kitchen. Or the dining room.

That doesn’t mean you also can’t work in a light chain. Into the same space.

If you have a canopy bed in your room. Consider giving it a magical touch. By stringing fairy or carnival lights across its beams. To give it a dreamy look.

In case your living room has a deep hue. Consider stringing lights across one of the walls. The bulbs will jump against the dramatic shade.

When looking for a way to make your working area more inviting. Put string lights across the shelves.

The same will apply if you have a bar. Have the string lights drape next to the booze station.

To conclude, solar string lights are eco-friendly. They will save you some money on the electric bill. Since they use the sun, which is a renewable source of energy.

They provide different aesthetics. In addition to serving a decorative role. Also can be used both indoors and outdoor. To serve different purposes.