How often should you fertilize your lawn?

We all want our yards to like the joneses. You have probably wondered how often should you fertilize your lawn at some point as you were tending to your yard. And do not worry the question is frequently asked by other people as well.

How Many Times To Fertilize Your Lawn?

Typically, fertilizing your lawn at least twice annually should keep it in tip-top condition all year long. this should be in tandem with the rainfall schedule of your area to ensure the fertilizer is not washed off before it is absorbed by the grass and your other plants.

Benefiting Of Fertilizing Your Lawn

Lawn fertilizer is good for;

  • Killing and preventing the growth of weeds
  • Making your plants and grass disease resistant
  • Improving the growth of the grass and plants
  • Protecting the soil to prevent inhabitation by disease-causing pathogens that can kill your plants and grass
  • Keep plant pests at bay and stop them from eating your plants

Can You Over Fertilize Your Lawn?

Yes. Too much fertilizer can lead to browning of the grass known as fertilizer burn. It can also cause the grass to wither. This is due to the effect of excessive nitrogen and salt level in the soil. With have a damaging effect on the plant roots or the leaves.

When Should I Fertilize My New Lawn?

You should give the new grass or plants time to germinate before applying fertilizer. The 4-6-week mark is ideal.

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Best Time To Fertilize Lawn: Before Or After Rain

You should fertilize your lawn before it rains. But you should always ensure that it will not rain within 48 hours of the fertilizer application as this would be counterproductive.

Contrary to popular belief, you should water your grass before applying fertilizer. This will enable the fertilizer to adhere to the weed leaves. It is also why they recommend that you fertilize your plant in the morning when the grass is still wet or dewy.