How often should I oil my chainsaw?

Oiling your chainsaw protects the chain as well as the bar against wear and tear. This, in turn, prolongs the lifespan of your chainsaw. It also prevents the chain from rusting or getting corroded especially during winter storage.

How Do I Lubricate My Chainsaw?

All chainsaws self-lubricate using the oil in the oil tank. If your chainsaw requires manual lubrication, then do so using a lubricant of choice by adding oil saw to the nose sprocket if it has one. Or follow the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer.

How Often Should I Oil My Chainsaw Chain?

It is recommended that you refill your chain oil every time you refill your gas if you have a gas chainsaw. A gas chainsaw uses one tank of oil for each tank of gas used. As for an electric chainsaw you simply need to keep checking the oil reservoir and refilling it as needed. The intervals are all dependent on how often you use your chainsaw and what you use if for.

If you use it to cur extremely dry timber on a regular basis, you may need to oil it more often than someone who uses their chainsaw to trim branches of overgrown trees once or twice per year. Needless to say, it is advisable to change the oil in your chainsaw after winter as its chemical composition changes once it freezes and thaws.

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How to Oil A Gas Chainsaw

Open the cap of the oil reservoir and pour in oil but do not overfill it. Close the cap and wipe off any oil spills.

How to Oil An Electric Chainsaw

Unplug the chainsaw from the socket or extension cord. Unscrew the oil cap form the oil and add the oil then screw it back on tightly. Wipe off any excess oil or debris from the chainsaw.

Make sure that debris does not get into the tank as you refill the oil as this will contaminate the oil and interfere with the automatic oiling function of your chainsaw. Also, remember to place it on a leveled surface and let it cool first before adding oil.