How Much Light Do Succulents Need

Light is an essential requirement for plants to carry out photosynthesis. Succulents plants need light just like any other plant to grow well. But the degree of light intensity varies depending on each plant adaptability. There are fleshy plants that do well in direct sunlight, shady areas, or filtered light. We have discussed the plants in this article in terms of their light requirement.

Do succulents survive direct sunlight?

Some succulents do well in direct sunlight; they flourish well in outdoor environments and require more than 8 hours of sunshine. They are mostly brightly colored when under sunlight with colors like pink, red, and purple. They adapt well to harsh outdoor conditions like excess heat from the sun, strong winds, low humidity, and others.

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The fleshy plants possess various characteristics that help them survive these unfavorable conditions like; thick stems for storing water, reduced leaves or needle-like, sometimes no leaves at all, and spikes to minimize water loss. But when the heat is in excess from the sun, they can be scorched. These plants adapt by changing colors to reflect the light and also reduced the amount of energy uptake.

There are two groups of these fleshy plant;

Full-sun succulents

Full-sun succulents require more direct sunlight, and examples include; blue-chalk, ghost plant, moon-stone, paddle, and more.

Outdoor shade

They require indirect light and likes growing under other plants, shade, or rocks. They include; sedums, fax tale agave, flaming katy, jade plant.

The best way to care for direct sun succulents is to grow them outdoors like on corridors, drive roads in warm months, and transfer them indoors during winter. This way, you protect them from frost and the extreme cold temperatures. If you consider growing them indoors, place them in sunny spots like near windows where they can access sunlight; otherwise, they will start bedding towards light and become weak.

Can succulents live inside?

Most succulents can survive indoors, even those that love direct sunlight because they are hardy plants.  But you need to place them in spots that have light either direct or indirect and where its dark you provide artificial lights. Some of the fleshy plants are resilient to low light include;

Direct sunlight indoor plants

These plants need plenty of bright light but not as much as that of outdoor plants. They do well in a warm sunny windowsill or other spots that receive at least 4 hours of direct sunlight. Examples are jade plant, spider cactus, parodias, jiger jaws, golden tail rat.

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Indirect/filtered sunlight indoor succulents

There are slow-growing plants that are easy to grow. They do well in windows that receive bright indirect light or areas with sheers to filter direct light.  They include; snake plant, zebra plant,  cactus christmas, and more.

Shade indoor plants

They prefer spots away from windows or direct sunlight and can also do well as outdoor shade plants.  If you keep them in the darkroom, ensure you provide grow lights. Examples are burn plant, devils backbone, snake plant.

Tips for growing indoor plants

  • Ensure they get enough sunlight depending on their species
  • Rotate them frequently depending on the light patterns to ensure they remain standing and not bend towards the light
  • Water the soil directly
  • Please keep them in a container with good drainage
  • Plant them in the light soil
  • Protect them from pests and diseases

Can succulents survive with artificial lights?

Artificial lights can be of significant impact to all fleshy plants, especially during the harsh winter. The outdoor plants will benefit and indoor plants, too, as the lights provide a broad spectrum that will allow them to grow and manufacture food. These lights should be available for 14-16 hours throughout the day.

With artificial lights, you can grow fleshy plants in your office or home and enjoy your favorite plants despite the season. You will also save your outdoor plants from extreme weather conditions like frost. Consider using the best grow lights for your succulents.

All succulents require light, either direct/ indirect, or artificial. It’s essential to learn the light requirement of the fleshy plants you want to grow and determine where to place them. Remember to provide the necessary conditions for growth like appropriate soil, watering, good drainage, and more.