How long should I let new grass grow before cutting?

If you just planted a new lawn, you must be eager for it to grow enough so you can mow it and have it look neat. You must be patient since the grass needs to settle and hold so it can thrive. Mowing too soon can result in an uneven look, and you are likely to get patches since you may uproot some as you cut it. Learn when to mow new grass growing from the moment you plant it to when you want to reduce it to avoid extensive dieback.

How to Determine How Long to Wait before Cutting Newly Planted Grass

If you don’t give the grass time to grow and mature, mowing will not only lead to you uprooting some, in some cases, you can’t do it. The blades of freshly germinated grass are too weak and soft, so the mower can’t cut it.

How long after grass tarts growing can you cut it depends on the type of planting you did. There are two main ways you can plant your new lawn that is using seeds or seedlings.

Seeded Grass (sod)

If you plant your grass using seeds, it will take much longer to grow since you have to wait for the seeds to germinate hen grow. Typically you won’t get to mow your lawn for between six and eight weeks. This gives the grass enough time to settle in the soil and absorb nutrients so that cutting it won’t cause them to uproot.

To ensure that you won’t have to wait longer, get viable seeds that are active. Some seeds may be in their dormant stage, meaning it can take up to three months between planting and cutting.

Growing from seedlings

If you want your lawn to grow faster, seedlings are an excellent way to do this since you don’t have to wait for them to germinate. If you want to know when to cut Bermuda grass after seeding, expect them to be ready for mowing in about a month.

However, checking the time isn’t the only way to figure out when you can mow your lawn. For the best results, it is more reliable to check the height of the grass. Grass that is about 3-3.5 inches is ready for cutting, and you won’t have to worry about damaging the grass. Remember that even when the turf is grown, you should be careful how you mow it since it is still pretty young, and you can easily uproot it.

Ensure that you use a good mower with well-sharpened blades to avoid harming the grass.

How nutritious is your yard?

A well-prepared yard with all the nutrients grass needs to prosper will foster faster growth meaning that you can mow your grass sooner. Ensure that you properly prepare the soil by adding organic matter content or even using an organic fertilizer like Milorganite or even compost when planting the grass to give it a helping hand when catching root.

What Are the Alternatives for Planting Grass?

Other than ordinary grass, you can also choose sod or sprig for your lawn. The most significant benefit these have over regular grass is that they take a much shorter period to grow adequately. Sod, for example, requires the least amount of time needing only two weeks to mature so you can mow it in three weeks. However, if you have a giant lawnmower, it is better to wait the full four weeks to prevent damage.

With sod since it needs time to spread over the ground, it may take between three and six weeks for you to mow. It is easy to tell whether the lawn has settled enough for you to cut by tugging at one edge. It should be firmly rooted. If it pulls out, then you may have to give it another week.

How to Correctly Cut Newly Grown Grass

Just because the grass is well grown doesn’t mean you can mow in any way since you risk creating patches on your lawn. Remember that you shouldn’t step on the grass for at least four weeks, so until it’s ready to mow, don’t step on the grass.

Before you mow the lawn, ensure that you don’t water it for at least two days. It is an important point to note since if the ground is wet, it will be softer hence easier to uproot the grass as you mow it. Also, when the blades of the lawn are dry, they give clean cuts and will look better.

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Make sure that you don’t cut the grass too short at once. It is best if you only take a third of the grass for one run. If it is still too long, then you can cut in a different direction the next day to achieve the desired height. This is important to ensure that there is adequate blade surface area to allow the grass to make food without needing to use up the food reserves.

Correctly mowing your lawn will help it grow healthier and thicker since the tips of the grass have a hormone that reduces growth. However, it is essential to wait at least a month after planting before first cut on new lawn. Proper mowing techniques combined with watering and proper use of fertilizer will ensure that you have a healthy lawn.

Don’t overdo it on the mowing, but also don’t let your grass grow too long since this will give you an unattractive turf.