How long should a lawn mower last

The average life expectancy of a good quality lawn mower is 8 to 10 years. A lower quality off-brand lawn mower might have a much lower shelf life. These two scenarios mean that you should consider investing in the best lawn mower you can afford to ensure you get more out of it.

That said, it is actually possible to increase your mower’s lifespan and vice versa. If you maintain it regularly, its lifespan might stretch to 15 years.

On the other hand, if you use it recklessly and fail to store it properly; its lifespan might reduce by up to 50%. Think of your lawnmower of as a cross between a car and a tool. They both need constant attention if they are to serve you suitably.

These are the five steps you need to follow to make your mower last a lifetime.

1. Oil change

Change your oil at least once every year. This practice is contingent on the usage of your mower. If you use it more often, then you should definitely change the oil more than once a year. Lawnmower repair is more expensive as compared to maintenance. Also, make sure that you are using the correct oil type for your type of mower.

2. Gas

Ethanol tends to corrode the rubber pieces in your lawnmower, and as such, you should use a filter to reduce the amount of alcohol in the gas. When you are not using your mower such as during winter, siphon the gas out of your lawnmower.

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3. Blade care

Sharpen your mower blades at least three times annually. Having sharp blades will enable all other parts of the lawn mower to work efficiently. Blunt blades will force the lawn mower’s motor to become overburdened and break down as a result sooner. If the blades are in bad condition, do not hesitate to replace them.

4. Battery

Change out the spark plus in your electric lawn mower after every 100 hours of operation. This will ensure your lawn mower does not fail to startup or perform sub-optimally in general. Make sure you buy brand name plugs as poor quality plugs might affect the life of your lawnmower battery by drawing too much starting power and forcing you to jumpstart the mower more often.

5. Re-sod

If your yard has thicker grass that is hard to cut, your lawn mower will not last as long as a yard with softer grass such as Arabian grass. You are also bound to fall out of routinely due to the constant situational difficulty of mowing the tough grass. As such you should consider laying new sod on your yard to make your life easier and to save money.

6. Storage

Last but not least, protect your lawnmower from the elements. It would be a massive waste of time and money for you to carry out lawn mower maintenance diligently only for it to breakdown by excess rain or snow. You can buy a protective cover or store it indoors to safeguard it.