How long does liquid fertilizer take to work?

If you are new to spraying liquid fertilizer, then you might be wondering how long it will take for it to work. Unlike granular fertilizers, it only takes minutes for liquid fertilizers to be absorbed into the plant’s nutrient stream. But you should always plan for any eventualities such as rainstorms in order for your crops to absorb the plants. First, you need to understand how liquid fertilizers work.

How Long Does Liquid Fertilizer Take To Work?

Most liquid fertilizers evolve are urea-based. This compound takes at least 24 hours for it to convert to ammonium. Based on the humidity levels and temperature of the environment. The reaction takes up to 5 days and it tends to be slower in colder climates. This can help you determine how often you should apply fertilizer on your lawn.

How To Tell If Liquid Fertilizer Is Working?

Nitrogen is the most important ingredient when it comes to chlorophyll formation in plants. As such you should be able to notice that fertilizer is working if the plants begin looking greener. If you applied to the correct amount of fertilizer. You should also see plant growth as well as flowering.

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On the other hand, if your crops start turning brown, developing black brown or rotting roots, or leaves start dropping then the fertilizer is working and you over-fertilized. And you can save an over-fertilized plant by watering the plants extensively for the excess fertilizer to leach out of the plant. Also remover the wilted and burned leaves.

Up to 50% of the fertilizer is lost within the first 48 hours. So make sure the soil is properly drenched. Also, note that rain does not necessarily mean the loss of all nutrients. The elements in the fertilizer attach to colloidal surfaces in the soil and get released over time and released by the plant roots.

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