How Do Outdoor Yard Lights Work With a Light Sensor

Perhaps we will begin with the meaning of what light sensors are. It is a passive device that converts light energy into an electric signal output. It uses a beam of light to detect the presence or the absence of an object. Through reflecting the light that is on the object.

We all want to feel a sense of security in our homes. And good outdoor yard lighting can help us with that. Especially one with a motion sensor is a very smart incorporation.

You can light up your garden using the base lamps, outdoor ceiling models, or weatherproof hanging lamps that can be placed on the outside wall. As well as choose to incorporate the floor lamps all of which have light and motion sensors.

This is to mean, you have safety Lighting to improve navigation, landscape lighting to accentuate your garden features, and accent lighting to put the focus on the hardscape. All these are different lighting levels for different needs.

This type of lamp ensures that light comes on automatically when it senses motion and heat. It can also stay on all through the night and automatically go off in the morning. 

How do you install them? Most of the yard lights with sensors do not require much wiring. This is because they come with a non-rusting screw for installing it at your place of choice. The sensor is normally at the top.

Keep in mind that it is important to mount the sensor lights at an ideal height and space. This ensures that the light is not compromised by intruders or damaged by children playing.

Another feature is that it has a solar panel that is angled for maximum absorption of light. In order to recharge its batteries. When using it for the first time, leave it out in the sun for a maximum of 8 hours for efficient functioning.

Outdoor lighting plays a big role in the aesthetic of your home. Besides being environmentally friendly by reducing the global carbon footprint. Since they are created and designed to use renewable energy sources. The sun.

The solar panel of the fixtures usually has three modes of which each can be activated during the night.

Mode 1: the LED will shine very brightly when movement is detected. Then turn off within 20-30 seconds.

Mode 2: in this mode, the lights will stay dimly lit until movement is detected then they turn fully on. After 20-30 seconds of movement, they go back to being dimly lit.

Mode 3: here it shows a medium-light that is not affected by movement in any way.

Depending on the mode you use, the lights can stay on for 5-6 hours.

The light sensors provide outdoor illumination hands-free. It acts as a security function when it turns on to alert you of someone or something detected. While providing extra lighting at your doorstep when opening the door.

They could be installed by wall mounting, built into decks, or put in as a bulb in existing light fixtures.

I will now take you through some of the best outdoor yard lights with a light sensor. Powered by the solar. I’m pretty sure there is a variety of them hence, this is just to shed some light on some of the best features to look out for while choosing.

Some of the general factors to keep in mind are the design you want for your outdoor lights. As well as the brightness, the rate of reactiveness, and the range of light. Not forgetting the Diy quotient as well as the method of power.  Will, it be wired, solar or use batteries?

Let’s begin with the Leon lite. This is a two-headed LED outdoor motion sensor. With a floodlight that lights up select areas of your yard. It can detect motion up to 70 feet away, durable and bright with 1800 lumens.

It does last longer than a standard light bulb thus you get to save on energy. While the two-headed feature gives you the choice to angle it however you want. Moreover, it has 3 nodes, manual, auto, and dusk to dawn.

This is to mean, you get to choose how long the lights stay on. The ultra-bright LED bolt will ensure you will see what is going on at the back. In addition to that, it has a waterproof radiant of IP65 hence withstanding harsh weather.

Another light is hyper security-2H-501. This one comes either in black or white color. With built-in dusk to dawn sensor and a motion sensor of up to 150° rotation.

Apart from being easy to install, the hyper security light also detects motion up to 30-40 feet away. As well as having the ability to sustain snow, rain and high temperatures to about 120°.

You can adjust the two heads to appeal to you visually in any direction as they rotate at 360°.

The next one I would recommend is the UR Power SL-002. There is no wiring to contend with this one. You only have to screw it in a position that receives maximum direct sunlight.

It has a water and heat proof of IP 64 giving it the ability to withstand most weather conditions. Even during cold seasons when the sunlight is affected its lighting will still be effective. Moreover, each light has 8 Leads that provide a strong and bright light, with a detection range of 120°.

These lights switch on and off automatically at dusk or dawn. With a rechargeable battery of 3.7 volts.

Next up is the Ring floodlight. This outdoor light sensor comes with the perks of a video doorbell. It lets you communicate with anyone at your door whether you are home or not. How cool is that? Especially with the unannounced visitors.

The motion-sensing camera technology across your camera provides a very wide view of your whole home. While the floodlight attached to it lights up whenever it detects motion.

It enhances the feeling of safety with the extra illumination it provides as well as the two-way communication feature.

Last but not least of my recommendations, is the LCDO I3 AB. Its super brightness illuminates a pretty wide area. Each light has 24 powerful LEDs including the 3 at the sides.

Therefore, it provides over 500 lumens of light with a motion sensitivity of up to 25 feet away. There is no wiring required while installing, provided you place it in an area where it receives maximum sunlight.

Some of the functional choices are that you can choose to have lights on the whole time. As well as reduce the lighting and the feet of motion sensitivity.

It is durable and able to withstand any weather conditions with an IP standard of 65.

In case your light does not come on at dawn or turns off unexpectedly. Then your light sensor has malfunctioned. Another light source might be causing the photocells on the sensor to only sense daylight.

Therefore, you will need to troubleshoot. How? Start by testing the sensor. Set the one-time control to test mode. The dual brightened off and the lamp mode feature switched to normal.

Then walk across the path of the sensor. If the fixture is working properly, it will come on and remain on for 5 seconds after the motion is stopped.

If not, then the issue could be the photocell. To test, put black tape over the photocell in order to prevent all light from entering the sensor. Then set the on-time control to one minute.

The dual brake should be off while the lamp mode is normal. Walk past the light sensor again at night and the fixture should come on and remain on, one minute after motion is stopped.

If the sensor is working properly with the photocell covered, it means that the light is entering the photocell during nighttime hours.

Therefore, a light shield blocks the light source from interfering with the photocells. You will need to determine the source of this light interference. It could be the lantern, a street light, the house light through the window, or even the reflective light from the pool.

Once you have known, remove the protective backing from the bottom of the light shield. Place it on the photocell with the opening facing away from the interfering light.

When fixed correctly, the light fixture should work well, if not then call for a technician.

Sometimes you are usually not in the mood to tangle with the on and off clicking of motion sensor lights. Most manufacturers make this a very easy process to disable the motion sensor feature.

There is usually a switch on the fixture labeled ‘on time’ found directly under the motion sensor. Set it to any position, aside from the test position then flip off the switch that the light is connected to. If you are not sure, test out all the available switches before you fiddle with the ‘on time’ button.

To turn it back on, just flip the switch off and then on.

You should consider resetting your fixtures if they are not as reliable as they once were. If your fixture is connected to a switch you can start by resetting there. By turning it off and on at an interval of 3-5 seconds a few times.

If this does not work, head to the breaker box. Flip the switch that controls the fixture off for a minute then turn it back on. The light fixture should come on. If it doesn’t then it is time to replace your fixture.

On the other hand, if you are using those powered by solar, they have the added advantage of being durable. Since they are built-in with materials that can withstand all sorts of weather. You can always troubleshoot or choose to replace the fixture if it has become old. Or you want to go for a different design.

So what are some of the advantages of having a light sensor in your outdoor yard:

  • It is energy-efficient lighting for your outdoors.
  • The lighting makes you feel safer. Especially with those that have the video element and two-way conversation
  •  The lighting can be used for decorative purposes.
  • The automatic lighting system is easy to integrate.
  • You have the power to control the brightness of the lighting. By using the dual brake.
  • They require little voltage in order to operate.
  • They are available in different sizes and shapes.
  • You will get to scare off the pests since they don’t like light.
  • Very easy to install. No wiring is needed.
  • You will never have to watch your step in the dark in your front yard.
  • They reduce the electricity bill.
  • When you are away, the lights will still come on automatically. No one gets to know when there are or are no people at home.
  • They are a great option to brighten up any dark corners of your property.

Although the light sensors may provide additional safety and guaranteed illumination, they can become intrusive. Especially if they come on with every movement you make in your yard without your control. And shine into your eyes so brightly that they hurt.

The lights may also turn off when you don’t want them to. As a result, you will need to have to move around in order to keep them on. Maybe at that time, you are enjoying a good book or a cup of tea.

In case of no proper installation. There may be false alarms that cause disruption. Due to unnecessary and unwanted activation. Such as from a stray cat or a car passing by.

To wrap this up, outdoor yard lights with a light sensor are a good way to improve the comfort, security, and safety of your home. In addition, homes that are well-lit are visually appealing.

If you are ready to transform your outdoor yard lighting, go for the solar light, motion, and light sensor.