How to Fill Rat Holes in Your Yard

They are rats. Fury, and some might even call them cute. However, out of 4000 rodents worldwide, rats have been on the big screen.

To the extent of even being blamed for the black plague. The issue is they need human beings to survive, but we don’t.

You might hear a little scratching or crawling sounds in the attic or walls to know that they are around.

To get rid of the rat holes in your yard, make it undesirable for rats. Using poisonous baits and traps can make a quick fix. Until the next rat moves in.

However, taking steps to eliminate their food and shelter will make the rats move elsewhere. So begin by surveying your yard for places where the rats may find food.

One thing about rats is that they barely travel more than 100-150 feet for their food. Once you find their source of food, eliminate it. Then you can get rid of the hole without fearing the rats returning.

In this case, you will need a net, metal garbage can, pruning shears, rototiller, and a shovel.

Hang the net under any bird feeders to catch spilled seed. You may stop feeding the birds until you get rid of the rats.

Remove any overgrown areas or rubbish. For this is the shelter of the rats. Store the firewood, crates, and other items not used regularly at least 8 inches above the ground.

If the firewood can’t be above ground, ensure that light comes in from all angles. Rats don’t like light.

The stacks should be at 18 inches from the wall. Also, keep trash and garden debris in metal cans with tight lids.

Thinning and mowing your vegetation will make your yard less attractive to rats. Especially if your yard has dense vines like ivy, star jasmine and honeysuckle are very attractive to rats.

Ensure not to leave any dog or cat food in the yard. Including their feeding bowls. Moreover, store the pet food and seeds in airtight plastic containers.

The pet droppings are also food for the rats. They could survive on it. So collect the droppings as often as possible.

Clean up any food, nuts and seed pods from the ground as well. After that, rototill the area between your plants to remove any debris. In addition to destroying the burrows under the ground.

Declutter, declutter, declutter. Anything you don’t use or haven’t used in a month. Throw it away. Especially in the yard. This will make the rats feel less welcomed.

Fill the burrows with soil or dirt. If possible, place some used cat litter in the hole before sealing it. Surprisingly cat urine will cause the rats to leave.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t take a big hole for a mouse to squeeze in. And slowly they look for other ways they can get quick access. They especially like to run in the shadows.

So be sure to check for holes around the tree trunks and along the garden plants.

Did you know that rats don’t enjoy chewing metal with their teeth? By placing a whole wad of steel wool in the cleared out holes. To chase the rats away.

Use both the fine and coarse steel wool. And to hold both of them in place, put a tape at the sides. So that the rats really have to pull if they want to get them out.

Another way to fill your rat holes is through using the pest destroy rodent control kit. Get a good amount of the copper mesh wad.

It usually feels very coarse. Put it into the burrow and secure it using tape. You could also marinate the copper mesh with peppermint spray. 

The rats don’t like to chew through metal like copper mesh and steel wool. If you keep the rats from coming in, you will not have to deal with them.

The most annoying thing about rats is that they can feed on your chicks. The ones from the chicken. They would literally dig underneath the concrete edges.

They could also feed on the fruits of the trees in your yard hanging low. During winter when they can’t come up to the ground, they will eat the roots of the vegetation mercilessly.

In this case, find the hole of the rat and put bait. It will scare the rat away. The bait could vary from rat poison powder  to poisonous cakes. Rats do not shy away from food at all.

After that, hose pipe water in that hole for a few minutes. You will need to do this regularly in order to effectively chase away the rats.

A home remedy for the rat holes would be using a tomato, chilli powder and sugar. Cut the tomatoes into two halves. Then squeeze the sides in order to make it juicy.

After that put a spoon full of both the chilli powder and the tomato. Ensure they settle in nicely. On all the pieces.

Go to the dug up burrows or holes and put the spiced tomatoes there. The quantity will be dependent on the number of holes.

These rats will think they are coming in for a treat only to die half an hour later.

You could also opt to patch the holes in your yard. Especially if the rats chewed on the wood at the edges. 

Begin by mixing up some concrete, and patch it on the hole of the rats. These would only be applicable if the hole is in a shed, on the edge of yards or barns.

After patching, leave the concrete to dry. Rats can’t chew through concrete. Next up you will need to buy a hardware mesh.

The hardware cloth  has to be a tight knit about a quarter inch in between the spaces. Lay it over the hole and screw it in place.

On the same note, there Is the option of putting hardware mesh only on top of the hole. Screwing it into place and then replacing the woods the rats chewed.

As mentioned before, rats don’t like chewing metal. So they will probably resign their course of action and go elsewhere.

Whether indoors or outdoors, the rats multiply very quickly. Hence creating an environment that’s unhealthy for the home owners.

Even while looking for a solution to fill up the rat holes, you should be able to identify the type of rats causing the commotion. The most common ones you will encounter are the house rat, roof rat or the Norway rat.

The Norway rat is typically found outdoors.  They are the naughty little creatures that burrow into the ground underneath structures.

The roof rat is usually found in the attics, trees and along fence lines. While the house rat is the one found in your home feeding on your food and clothes.

How do rats make the holes? They literally work like a shovel. Dig deep then remove the soil and trash and put it out of the way. Tirelessly until they reach their goal. Using both their mouth and feet to scoop.

They could even dig up beneath the sidewalk to about 25- 30 feet towards the house. While doing this, overtime they create cracks. 

Which shows like a pathway of where the rats are going. Probably from one bird feeder to another.

If you are an animal lover, getting a cat or cats may come in handy. Due to the fact that cats feed on the rat in the biological food chain.

Although the cat can’t go deep into the holes, they can be quite effective. You will still need to rototill the flower gardens and fill up the holes with dirt.

But the cats will do a great job in chasing them away while feeding on them.  

Not to forget using carbon monoxide smoke machines to treat the burrows. Of which oftentimes they are interconnected.

Once you smoke the holes, block them to keep the carbon monoxide inside. Which will get the rats killed in two to three minutes. This is an exterior rat control method for the holes. 

The good thing about this technology is you don’t get to see the rats running around the yard. For they will die inside the burrow. Then naturally decay.No picking up carcasses.

All you need to do is put  the burrow smoke oil into the machine. Then start the machine on. Then block out all the holes except for the one getting smoked.

This method is a lot quicker and effective.

Sometimes the rats are usually coming in from your neighbor. With their own dumpsters and pavement issues. 

Since you can’t control such a situation, regularly fill up the holes in your fence with copper mesh and steel wool. Go ahead and even put traps.

Rats are disgusting, dirty and down right dangerous. These are things you don’t want crawling around your home.

Always try to find out where they are located and what is attracting them to your home. In order to customize a pet management plan for your yard.