Do mosquito foggers work?

Mosquito foggers are usually the last alternative after all else fails when trying to eliminate mosquitoes. They have been used time and time again in a commercial and residential setting to eliminate mosquito infestations. While you may have used a professional fogging service in the past, buying your fogger can be cost-effective in the long run.

Do Mosquito Foggers Work?

Yes. They do. This is one of the most efficient ways to keep mosquito infestation at bay.

Is Mosquito Fogging Effective?

Mosquito fogger effects remain up to 72 hours, which enables them to kill mosquito larvae before they can mature. Another reason why foggers are effective is the fact that they also kill mosquitoes in flight mode as they escape their breeding zone. This means you prevent future breeding while eliminating new larvae.

How Often Do You Need To Fog For Mosquitoes?

In the initial stages, you may need to spray the mosquitoes breeding ground every two days to kill the larvae before the eggs hatch. This will reduce mosquito infestation. Once all the larvae are dead, you can reduce the spray interval to once per week. Afterward, you need to drain the water to prevent future breeding by mosquitoes in the same area.

In recent years it has become possible to use mosquito fogger using natural pesticides that are safe for the environment and the user. This means you get to eliminate the pesky bugger without risking your health as well as your environment. This also means that you can safely spray the pesticide without fear of poisoning your kids or pets.

Before you buy a fogger, look into the different design types. This will enable you to find one that works best for your situation.  Thermal foggers are mainly propane powered, and they use heat to mix and dispense the pesticides. Clod foggers use electricity to modify air pressure and administer cold fog.

Find a fogger that is comfortable and easy to refill. When you do get a fogger, ensure that you focus on spraying the main areas with the eggs to ensure they get eliminated. Survey the breeding ground before you start fogging the area.