Can a Leaf Blower Blow Snow?

It all depends on the features of the leaf blower. For a leaf blower to be able to blow snow, it needs to have a number of heavy-duty commercial grade characteristics. Essentially, you cannot buy a budget leaf blower and expect it to handle a large task such as heavy snow blowing. You can use the blower for small portions of snow but you will need a dedicated 2 stage snowblower to clear up a heavily covered driveway.

Here are the mandatory features a leaf blower must have for it to be able to blow snow;

Engine Capacity

You will need a leaf blower with at least 20cc for its engine to be able to power the blower. You should also consider that is commercial grade as it is more likely to hold its own over time. The bigger the engine capacity, the more capable your leaf blower will be.

Air Velocity

The optimal range for a leaf blower that can blow snow is between 300 and 500 cubic feet per minute. This will enable it to generate a gust that is strong enough to blow way snow.


This is another vital feature. The optimal speed is between 150 and 190 miles per hour. As a leaf blower generates hot air, the speed of this how air will go a long way in making sure the snow does not refreeze before being blown away.

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That said here are the benefits and limitations of using your leaf blower to blow snow;

Benefits of Using a Leaf Blower

  • Saves time compared to using a shovel to clear the snow
  • Is easier to use than using a snowblower
  • It is cheaper to buy and run as compared to a snowblower

Limitations of Using a Leaf Blower

  • It only works on dry powdery snow and you should not use it on wet snow
  • If it gets wet, it may get damaged
  • You can only use it on thin layers of snow

The Bottom-line

Store your snow blower in a dry place to avoid it getting damaged by melting snow. give it a break to avoid it breaking it down. Contrary to popular belief even machines do get fatigued. Last but not least, get the best leaf blower money can buy if you intend to use it for snow blowing purposes. Reason being the stronger the leaf blower, the better it will be at blowing snow.