Best Wavelengths for Succulents

When growing succulents indoors, observing the right temperatures is least of your worries. For them to thrive, you need to provide them with the right lighting. Succulents require abundant light for photosynthesis, something that often lacks in indoor conditions. Knowing the best wavelengths for succulents can help ensure they grow to healthy and vibrant plants.

Using grow lights is one effective way to supplement insufficient natural light. They are often “full-spectrum” lights, meaning they contain the full visible spectrum of light.

What Grow Lights to Use for Succulents?

The best grow lights for your plants should be energy efficient, hits the proper light spectrum and shouldn’t produce too much heat. There are several types that can work well for your succulents;

Fluorescent grow lamps

Tube lights are effective for growing succulents. These are available in different lengths, but the most common are one, two, four and eight-foot.

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CFL lights or compact fluorescent light in full are the other options in this category. They can be a good choice if you do not have space or you are just not a fan of the long, tubular light. These are available in different wattages, temperatures and base types. With a lifespan of between 6,000 to 15,000 hours, they don’t require frequent replacements.

LED grow lamps

These types of grow lights allow you to give your plants a specific wavelength of light. Since most plants only care about red light and blue light, they can help save energy and they also produce less heat than fluorescent bulbs. Durability is the other reason you should opt for LEDs, most have a rated lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

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Positioning Grow Lights

When positioning the grow lights, you need to create a balance between light distribution and heat. Bulbs, especially fluorescent ones, produce more heat that can burn your plants if placed too close. Yet, you need the plants to be close so as to receive maximum light.

Otherwise, positioning the succulent grow lights anywhere between three inches and six inches from your plants will give the best results. Plants that are used to extreme conditions are tolerant to more light and heat. The fluorescent grow lamps can be the best artificial light for cacti since they can handle more light and heat than delicate succulent species.

Whether you are looking for the right grow lights for cactus or other plant species, you first need to understand its requirements and the conditions it thrives best. Also, make sure to monitor your succulents after changing the lighting conditions to see their reaction.