Best watering wand

Do find watering a yard with a regular hose a tad to destructive? For starters, the immense water released tends to dislodge the soil exposing roots, which is detrimental to the growth of your plants. This may even cause them to topple over since their stability is compromised. For these reasons, you should look into getting a watering wand.

It is a showerhead for watering your plants. You would not be able to take a proper shower if you were standing directly over a large water tap without a nozzle head, would you? The same case with your plants, a watering wand helps regulate the amount of water being poured on your plants instead of drowning them. Here are the best watering wands in the market currently.

Top 5 Best Watering Wand Of 2021

NameLengthSpray OptionsPrice
Orbit SunMate Hose-End 58674N36 inch9 Pattern Spray Check Price on Amazon
Orbit 58995 Pro Flo14 inch7 Spray Patterns, Thumb control Check Price on Amazon
The Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand15 inch8 Spray Pattern Check Price on Amazon
GREEN MOUNT Watering Wand24 inch- Check Price on Amazon

Orbit SunMate Hose-End 58674N

The Orbit Sunmate extra-long watering wand features nine spray options for every watering need. It is perfect for watering hanging baskets and shrubs. It also has a fireman grip lever that easily adjusts water flow. For optimal watering and water conservation. The wand has a durable construction that will provide years of reliable use. The wand is designed for outdoor use with cold water only.

The wand is 36-inched long, making it great for watering hard-to-reach areas. It has nine spray patterns for which include; center, cone, fan, shower, angle, flat, flood, mist, and jet watering, which provides you with the right selection for every task. Additionally, the ratcheting head rotates 180 degrees.


  • Nine spray options
  • Fireman grip lever
  • Ratcheting head


  • Great for reaching hanging baskets and shrubs
  • Easily adjusts water flow
  • Durable construction


  • Leaks near the handle
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Orbit 58995 Pro Flo

This watering wand for indoor plants features seven spray patterns, which include; shower, center, flat, mist, full, jet, and cone. You can choose from a gentle rain-like shower for delicate plants to a powerful jet spray, and a range of other watering patterns. It utilizes thumb control for smooth operation. Which makes it easy to control n the flow of water and reduces hand fatigue.

The wand has a soft-touch dial guard that makes it easy to use for changing spray patterns. The wand is 14 inches long, making it excellent for reaching hanging plants. The wand has an ergonomically designed textured grip with a diamond pattern handle. This helps you to maintain your grip, even when the wand is wet.


  • Seven spray patterns
  • Thumb control
  • Soft-touch dial guard
  • 14-inch length
  • Textured grip
  • Trigger-spray nozzles


  • Smooth operation and control of the flow of water
  • Ergonomic handle makes it easy to maintain your grip
  • Thumb control reduces hand fatigue


  • The handle is hard to operate
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The Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand

You no longer have to worry about hand strain with this wand as it uses a one-touch thumb on/off switch to adjust the strength of the water flow. Making it ideal for people with arthritis or disabilities. It features a multi-pattern head with an option for each task. The different spray patterns include; mist, flat, full, shower, soaker, cone, center, and stream.

The wand has a slip-resistant handle for secure handling. It is made from lightweight professional-grade aluminum for increased durability.  It is also long enough to reach hanging plants. It also has a 90-day guarantee. d Gardener Watering Wand


  • Eight spray patterns
  • Anti-slip comfort grip
  • Precision threads for anti-leak connection
  • Thumb control shut



  • Trigger-operated nozzles
  • One-touch thumb operation
  • Slip-resistant handle
  • Lightweight professional-grade aluminum construction
  • Long enough to reach hanging baskets


  • Leaks at the seam
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GREEN MOUNT Watering Wand

The Green Mount sprayer wand has a curved design with a shower angle that makes it perfect for watering plants. Its head has 661 holes, which are ideal for delicate flowerbeds and seedbeds. The detachable head is also natural to clean when it gets clogged.

The wand’s length allows you to water over, under, and around hard to reach areas. It also uses a hold-open clip for continuous spraying without tiring out your hand. The wand is made from aluminum for a lightweight feel and extended lifespan. It also has a rubber foam over the tube for additional protection at the natural wearing point.


  • Shower angle head
  • 661 nozzle holes
  • Aluminum construction
  • Touch n flow water control


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to use


  • The nozzle produces a powerful water jet that displaces the soil
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The best watering wands all have one thing in common; they regulate the amount of water being used on the plants. While this is good for the plants, it also saves you money in the long run. As you end up using less water. If in doubt, buy one of the watering wands above.