Best hydroponic air stones

Oxygen is the number one element that promotes life in a hydroponic tank. Plants in the tank need oxygen to assist in nutrient uptake, while aquatic animals in the tank need oxygen for respiration. Not being able to cater to the air needs of the creatures in your hydroponic system can be a bit frustrating. You’ll need a special type of device designed to work with an air pump to facilitate air circulation in the tank.

With air stones, it’s easy to create tiny bubbles of oxygen when air passes through them. You’ll need an air pump to make oxygen dissolve faster in the tank. Instead of generating oxygen, the stones themselves act as a mechanism for dispersing oxygen. Read on to discover four of the best hydroponic air stones to purchase.

Top Hydroponic Air Stones in 2021

VIVOSUN Large Air Stone Cylinder for Aquarium and Hydroponics

VIVOSUN designed this large air stone cylinder to help circulate nutrients and add oxygen to a hydroponic growing system. You can rely on it to keep plant roots healthy while extending the life of the nutrient solution. The product properly fits in a diameter tube of 4mm. As one of the best hydroponic air stones, VIVOSUN air stones boast of high-quality and harmless mineral material.

You can use the air stone cylinder in fish tanks, hydroponic systems, aquariums or ponds. When inserted in your hydroponic system, it produces fine bubbles that help replace lost oxygen. The cylinder design makes the product produce bubbles at a higher rate.


  • Epoxy resin glue
  • Non-toxic mineral material
  • 4 x 2 Inch large air stone cylinder
  • 1 piece of VIVOSUN air stone


  • Increases oxygen and nutrient circulation
  • Helps keep plant roots healthy
  • Versatile to use
  • Lightweight


  • Tubing isn’t flexible
  • Barb connectors can easily slip off
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 Pawfly Air Stone Cylinder Bubble Diffuser Airstones

As one of the best hydroponic air stones, Pawfly Air Stone Cylinder features a high-quality mineral material designed to provide oxygen for fish to breathe consistently. The product can gradually diffuse air into your fish tank and complement your aquarium decor. With high-temperature sintering, Pawfly air stones foster a high dissolved oxygen rate and help create even tiny bubbles.

The package comes with 10 pieces of a 1.2-inch air stone cylinder, which is a great value for money. Your air pump should have a power wattage of more than 2.5 watts to run Pawfly cylinder air stone. If you like using stones for hydroponic growing, you’ll have to thoroughly soak them in water for at least one hour.


  • High-quality mineral material
  • 10 pieces of 1.2-inch air stone cylinder
  • Sturdy cylinder shape
  • Jetting volume of 1.3 liters per minute
  • 1-hour soaking time


  • Creates tiny bubbles
  • Great build quality
  • Promotes high oxygen circulation
  • Great value for money
  • Multipurpose


  • Longer soaking time
  • Requires prior relevant experience to use
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Uxcell Aquarium Fish Tank Bubble Diffusers Maker Round Air Stones

With the Uxcell round air stones, you can increase air and nutrient circulation in a fish tank or an aquarium. The product works in both saltwater and freshwater hydroponic system. It produces fine bubbles, which make it efficient in replacing oxygen in tanks or ponds.

You’ll have to soak the air stone in water for 15 minutes before using it. Soaking allows the air stone to be more effective at producing fine effervescent bubbles. Uxcell air stones are among the best air stones since they’re round in shape for even air distribution.


  • 2-mm connector diameter
  • 1 aquarium air stone
  • Mineral stone material


  • Easy to clean
  • Complements aquarium decor
  • Good build quality
  • Versatile to use
  • Lightweight


  • Produces big bubbles
  • Needs better quality control
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JW Pet Company 1-Inch Aircore Sand Airstone / Aquarium Accessory

Aircore Sand Airstone from JW Aquatis boasts of an incredibly porous surface that facilitates consistent and even air distribution. The product features a unique shape, which makes it easier for it to fit in your hydroponic system. It creates a uniform wall of bubbles so you won’t have to worry about nutrient and air circulation in your fish pond or tank.

Since the air stones come as a 4-pack, they are a great value for money. You can find the easy-to-read instructions on how to use them at the back of the package. They can last you up to eight months, can fit in an aquarium with rocks, and are among the best air stones for hydroponic growing.


  • Incredibly porous surface
  • 1-inch air stone (4 pack)
  • Made of cotton


  • Even air distribution
  • Unique shape
  • Helps create consistent bubbles
  • Ideal for FBT enclosures with water
  • Cheaper


  • Below average build quality
  • Very fragile
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The air stones discussed in this article can help create tiny air bubbles in your hydroponic system when an air pump forces air through them. The bubbles, in turn, allow for more oxygen circulation throughout the system. Always choose a shape that roughly matches the shape of your tank. You can experiment with different shapes and sizes to find the best hydroponic air stones.