Best Gardening Set for Toddlers

Gardening can be a hobby to many kids but it comes with its sets of challenges. For one, the standard gardening tools may be too large and hazardous for children. In this regard, children’s gardening tools come in handy. You can buy most of them as a set and they are safe with the designers doing their work with kids in mind. In the round up below you will find some of the best toddler gardening sets that you can find in the market. They include real and pretend gardening tools that will ensure your kid enjoys playing around your garden without any setbacks or injuries.

Here are the top 8 gardening tools for kids

NameFeaturesCheck Price
Little Tikes Table- Table top, potted plants and trowel
- Pretend soil disk
- Easy to clean and store
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Tierra Garden Little Pals Junior Garden Kit- Gloves, trowel and watering can
- Ideal for realistic gardening on a real garden
- Resilient tools that will work for long
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Tierra Garden Little Pals Kids Watering Can Kit- Watering can, gloves and trowel
- Good for realistic gardening to introduce toddler to real gardening
Check Price
Tierra Garden Little Pals Kids Garden Tool Kit- Bucket, a fancy bag, and trowel
- Playful look focuses on more fun play rather than realistic gardening
Check Price
Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Gardening Set- Durable fabric tote
- Some rakes and spray can
- Perfect for small kids who just want to play
Check Price
JustForKids Kids Garden Tool Set- Long rake, shovel and hoe
- Perfect for bigger kids who are breaking into real gardening
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Theo Klein Bosch Garden Set- Lightweight mini wheelbarrow, shovel, and gloves
- Fun to push around and help with things around the garden
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Small Foot Company Garden Tool Bag- Tote bag with a variety of tools
- Good way to introduce your kid to nature by weeding, spraying and tending to
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Little Tikes Table

The Little Tikes Table gardening set works well for kids who love playing both outdoors and indoors with pretend dirt. It features a flexible design making it ideal for playing anywhere around your home. Kids can plant and water flowers on the table set thanks to its basing that can hold water and dirt. It also features a drain plug that allows your kid to drain out any excess water as well as a functional watering can. If you have more than one kid, you should be glad to know that this set has enough room for more than one child. The entire set comprises a shovel, a sifting tray, watering can, rake, four flowerpots, a garden table, and soil disc – great tools for an aspiring young gardener.


  • Easy drain plug
  • Tabletop allows multiple kids to play at the same time
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Designed with kids in mind


  • Table may be too low
  • The drain plugs comes off easily
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Tierra Garden Little Pals Junior Garden Kit

tierra garden 7-lp114 little pals kids watering can kit

The Tierra Garden Kit is one of the most complete children’s farm tools set that you can get for your child. This set includes a bucket, a hand fork, hand trowel, a couple of garden markers including animals, and a pair of patterned gloves to protect the hands. To carry all these tools and additional items, the set also comes with a garden tote. You can purchase the set in two colors – blue for boys and pink for girls.


  • Wooden handles and metallic heads on the tools
  • Tools dig effectively
  • Gloves are designed for light play despite being large
  • Affordable


  • Might be too small for older kids
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Tierra Garden Little Pals Kids Watering Can Kit

tierra garden 7-lp431 little pals kids watering can kit

The Tierra Watering Can Kit presents one of the most engaging ways for your child to enjoy gardening. This set comes inclusive of the following items: a hand trowel, a pair of gloves, and a metallic watering can. All these items are designed to fit perfectly into your child’s little hands. The watering can double up as the storage space for the rest of the items that come in the set. This kit is suitable for any kid aged between 3 and 10 years old.


  • Can doubles up as a storage unit
  • Perfect size for most toddlers
  • Gloves fit well


  • The gloves are not actual gardening gloves
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Tierra Garden Little Pals Kids Garden Tool Kit

tierra garden 7-lp380 little pals kids junior garden kit with gloves

Tierra offers yet another garden set to help kids enjoy playing in the garden. This set includes a fancy shoulder bag with some pockets. in the bag your kid will carry a rake, a long handle spade, hand fork and trowel, and a pair gloves. for longevity, the tools feature metallic head and quality wooden handles and come in one size for ages 3 – 10.


  • Comes with a bag
  • Quality heads and handles
  • One size that fits most kids’ ages


  • Long handles may pose a challenge for some younger children
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Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Gardening Set

melissa & dough sunny patch blossom bright gardennig tote set with tools

This set includes one brightly colored tote with enough room to carry a whole set of tools. The tools include a hand spade, hand rake, and a small spray bottle. All the tools are made of brightly colored easy to clean plastic targeting kids below five years of age.


  • Durable fabric on tote
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect size for younger kids


  • May be too small for older kids
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JustForKids Kids Garden Tool Set

g & f products justforkids kids garden tool set toytake, spade, hoe and leaf rake

The JustForKids set comprises four real child-sized garden tools – a rake, hoe, shovel, and a leaf rake. These tools are quite sturdy and are metallic with wooden handles. They are the perfect size and work well with children older than 5 years. Total length of each of the tools is 27.5 inches.


  • Great build quality
  • Attractive bright colors
  • Affordable


  • No dedicated storage unit
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Theo Klein Bosch Garden Set

theon klein bosch garden set

The Klein set is the most unique in this roundup as it includes something absent in all the other gardening sets – a gardener cart. Besides the cart, it comprises garden gloves, shovel, and a rake. The cart is doubles up as storage and would be fun for any kid to push around the garden with stuff in it.


  • Includes a gardener cart
  • Easy mobility
  • The accessories are lightweight


  • Few accessories compared to the other sets
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Small Foot Company Garden Tool Bag

small foot company 1710 garden tool bag

The bag comes with an assortment of tools to quench the thirst of those little gardeners at home. All the accessories are high quality and will go a long way in connecting your young one with nature. Great for younger kids and includes all the necessary baby garden tools and a spray bottle.


  • The bag serves as a good storage unit
  • Wide assortment of accessories
  • Easy to carry tools around


  • Tools may be too small for older kids
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How to Keep Kids Safe in the Garden

Encouraging kids to play in the garden is essential for their development. It involves finding a balance between having fun, staying active, and being wary of any potential injuries that may arise in the process. However, it is important that as a parent or guardian you understand that some minor accidents in the garden are inevitable.

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For this reason, you do not have to worry a lot about the wellbeing of your child. Scabby knees, bruises, and scrapes should be a common sight since kids love moving a lot and are likely to fall over. All these are part of being a kid and should not be a big deal. However, some precautions are necessary to ensure that your child plays safely in the garden without sustaining any serious injuries. The following measures should suffice in ensuring the safety of your child in the garden:

  • Inspect the gardening tools for any damage and defects such as broken joints, splintered handles, etc. Take the defective tools out of use until they are fixed accordingly.
  • Always supervise your children as they play.
  • Remind the kids that the tools should not be used on others.
  • Avoid giving young children power tools.
  • Train your kid on how to use each tool.
  • Rotate your child’s activities to prevent injuries due to repetitive motion.
  • Teach your child how to put away tools safely after using and cleaning them.
  • Roll up any hoses to prevent tripping.
  • Keep away fertilizer and any other kind of garden chemicals away from children.


The sets above are among the best that we would recommend for your children. In coming up with this list, we focused on safety and durability. Playing in the garden has chances of injury and we sought to mention tools that minimize such incidents. We believe with any of these gardening sets, you would not have to buy the same in the near future. Longevity also played an essential role in determining the best gardening set you should get your kid.